Who says you need kids to enjoy Disneyworld?

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Travelers: DH & DW both 50
    December 6—(Day 4) MK: We realized that this commando style park hopping was not a go, and decided to sleep in a bit and get rejuvenated. Today we are taking the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Had the breakfast buffet at SOG this morning since we knew we’d have lunch around 4:30 on the tour. Was adequate, but nothing spectacular. We walked over to Poly and jumped on the monorail to MK. Since we had some time to kill and the sun was warming us up nicely, we decided to just walk the park and sun a bit before our tour. This is where I had the most disturbing encounter in the ladies room. We heard this child literally screaming from inside the restroom before I even entered. Seems the mother would not let this child up from the seat until she “made water.” The child was quite adamant about not “making water” and was screaming at the top of her lungs—not crying—screaming. I went about my business and by the time I was finished my head was pounding from this loud, echoing screaming. As I walked out, I suggested to the mother to put the child in a diaper and spare all the other guests of WDW her piercing screams. Maybe I was being rude, but what earthly good was she doing for this child? I took a couple Advil and we wandered on over to Pirates and walked right onto the ride, walked around Frontierland and through Fantasyland thinking we could get on Pooh—fat chance. Every time we walked by that ride the lines were long and the wait time was way too long. Kids seemed to enjoy it. At 1:15 we met our tour guide at the garden near City Hall where we made our menu choices, picked up our badges, and were treated to cute story given by the Town Reporter. Our tour began beside the flagpole where we each told where we were from, our occupation, and our favorite Disney character. Imagine this poor guy when he announced his favorite character was Bugs Bunny—we forgave him and went on to get the background of the sidewalk & street colors, why all the bldgs were the same height, the show effect of entering MK, etc. We even heard the tap dancing and piano lessons going on. So much to learn in such a short time. Walked over to the TTA and got the background scoop on that before riding. Walked through Tommorowland to Fantasyland where we were shown through a secret entrance to the utilidors. Wow. That was certainly interesting—won’t go into details, but Walt sure had some innovative ideas and great people working for/with him. Got to see the floats for all three parades, but got kicked out of the warehouse because they needed to ready them for the MSEP. Was a great tour and saw the workings of MK and learned some interesting tidbits to share with others, even got a special Key to the Kingdom. When we returned to the foreground of the park, our guide led us to his favorite spot to view the parade where we parked our fannies and waited. Was a nice spot right next to Sleepy Hollow, beside the bridge and to the right of the castle. Love this parade and was pleased to hear the Christmas music worked into the synthesizer. Our guide did tell us that next year the MSEP was going away for good. When it was over, we walked back to catch the monorail back to Poly. This was the only monorail ride that made me a bit nervous. It stopped for several minutes just outside of the Contemporary—there we sat—hanging over the park, was a bit unnerving. Well, we got off and had a very pleasant walk back to SOG—encountered a couple having a very heated discussion as we came upon them. They stopped as we walked by, but started back up as soon as they thought we were out of earshot. My DH got a kick out of trying to scare me by mentioning the alligators getting me on the walkways, but imagine how high he jumped when at one point a family of raccoons scurried across the path in front of us. Decided to drop the bag (the one we carried all day—not me) off in the room, check messages and head back to the sports bar for a bite to eat. Bad thing to do at 9pm, but hey, we’re on vacation.
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    Sounds like a great Tour! I love to learn about all the insider facts and stories! I will be taking the Tour in October! I am glad you liked it. Thanks for Posting!
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    That poor child in the washroom. Good for you for speaking up!
    The tour sounds great, would love to try it sometime.
    We've had the same problem with the Pooh ride, always long lineups, still haven't been on it yet.
    Sounds like another good day!


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    Want to take a tour or two in future trips. Thanks for posting!
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    Thanks for the post about the tour - sounds like an interesting time! Sometimes the monorails scare me too when they stop outside the contemporary like that : )

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