Who says you need kids to enjoy Disneyworld? (Days 7

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    Aug 11, 2000
    Travelers: DH & DW both 50
    December 9—(Day 7) Shopping. I believe we decided since it was Saturday we’d do some shopping. We drove out International Drive to find the Beltz outlet that everyone was praising. Yup, big outlets, found the Disney outlet—unimpressed. Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe it was too picked over before the holidays, but walked out with two pair of children socks. We then stopped at FAO toy store. Had a ball in there testing everything out—and so were a lot of others. Two little old gals were playing with this silly putty type material that made noises like someone passing gas—they got such a kick out of it and giggled like kids. Too funny! Saw exactly what I was looking for, but decided I’d find it back home instead of paying shipping charges—wrong move! Never did find it in upstate NY. We then headed over to the Marketplace to get back in the Disney mood. Bought some unique Christmas ornaments, a pair of polar tech pjs for DD, tie & socks for DH (when his back was turned), spent lots of time in and around Legoland. We then had lunch at the RFC—well, it was definitely a different experience. I love to eat and sample new dishes, but didn’t really find anything to rave about here. Shared the mixed appetizer w/DH then we each ordered a sandwich. I had the turkey pita and DH had the pizza flatbread, I think. We decided to forego dessert. We had a very nice table right under the center gorillas, but the poor people next to us had the smoke pouring over them throughout the whole meal. The restaurant was cleverly decorated and I liked the thunderstorms, but there was a lot of food and trash on the floors. And I know it’s very hard to control the musty odor, but was too moldy for my nostrils. Wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. Been there done it. Did some more shopping/drooling over items we couldn’t afford. Would love some of the painted cells. We thought about taking in a movie or going back to PI, but opted to head back to the room to watch TV & see the fireworks from our balcony.

    December 10—(Day 8) EPCOT World Showcase: DH picked up muffins and juice from the Breakfast on the Run wagon while I was getting ready for the day. Drove over and parked at Boardwalk and took the boat over to EPCOT. Nice, relaxing beginning. Weather had warmed up, too—life is good. Started at Millennium Village—that was a pretty neat place tucked right in there next to Canada. Was also impressed with how creative these countries were. Loved those coke bottles—got a couple great shots. Bought a couple trinkets and moved on past France—statues weren’t out yet. Looked at Morocco, moved on to Japan. Then to the American Adventure. We couldn’t get into the main entrance hall as it was closed for a private event—that disappointed me as I wanted to hear the Voices of Liberty again (they sang at the CP). Headed on down to the German Biergarten for lunch. We must’ve sat there for three sets of the ompa band—the second time they saw us still sitting there, one musician waved at me while I was taking pictures. When they came out the third time, the one guy looked right over at us to see if we were still there. And the only reason we were still there was that large mug of beer—why he ordered a bit one was beyond me. Have great pictures of him holding up this big mug of beer—something his mom will be proud of—not! But we wandered on down to China and took in the show, then rode the Maelstrom in Norway, sailed the El Rio del Tiempo in Mexico then backtracked to France to see the Living Statues. They are simply amazing, but was so far back in the crowd it was hard to see much. Sometime during our WS trek we picked up a part of the TON parade. That’s simply amazing and wonderful to watch. We had reservations at Rose & Crown for dinner, but decided that we just didn’t want to sit that long to see the Illuminations & gave them up. We bought some pastries in France to save for dessert. Did see Off Kilter and the British Invasion in UK, though. Off Kilter is truly unique—bought a CD of their music. Decided to have a bite to eat—picked up fish & chips at UK (they were great) & settled in at the court in UK to enjoy them and our pastries. After seeing Oh Canada, walked over to ride Spaceship Earth—we missed it earlier. By this time, we wandered back to WS to pick our spot for Illuminations and opted to sit by Canada and wait it out. Spectacular. We got up and stood right by the rail next to the lagoon to get the effects. By the time it was all over we decided to walk back to Boardwalk instead of getting in line for the boat. Nice walk, but was really beat when we got back to the room. My age is catching up w/me.
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    It's great fun poking around DTD, so much to see and eat!
    Sounds like you did a ton of walking at Epcot, thats why you were tired, had nothing to do with your age! :)


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    Mar 25, 2000
    You two are having a great time. Thanks for posting!
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    Thanks for posting your experience at the outlets - that's something I've been thinking about!

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    World Showcase is one of my most favorite places in Disney! My family and I really enjoyed Millenium Village also. The four seasons of Sweden was neat, as was the simulator ride/show in Israel. You can really put on the miles walking there. I understand your sore feet!! ;)

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