Who is a celebrity that you want to believe is actually nice?


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Feb 1, 2013
No real reason to know this, but I've always gotten the feeling that Tom Holland (aka Spiderman) seemed like a good guy.
Did you see the YouTube video: Tom Holland vs. Zendaya on lip sync battle? If not, you got to see it. There is also a video with him and puppies. I agree, he comes across as a nice, decent guy.


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Jul 18, 2004
Of those who haven't been mentioned yet, Hugh Jackman.
Several years back while in college my son was working in Security at the TD Garden at North Station in Boston. One morning he was assigned to the parking lot, when a man came by to come into the lot riding a bike. DS had to ask for his ID and it was Hugh Jackman. (Wasn’t totally sure who he was even though I’d dragged him along to Les Miserables years earlier. :lmao: ) But he said he was a super nice, normal guy who chatted with him for a few mins before going in. Turns out he was doing this show at the time and had been out exploring the city on a bike going largely unrecognized.


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Jul 2, 2010
I'll try to get this in before someone else does: Horseshoe champion Alan Francis. I'd like to think that the bar doesn't get much higher than horseshoes when it comes to backyard sports, and it's often rare that the hand that throws the horseshoe is a humble one.
I heard Alan Francis killed a guy just to watch him die - but is otherwise quite nice. Horseshoers - THAT crowd. AmIright?


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Jul 2, 2010
Serious answers;
Zooey Deschanel
Wayne Gretzky
Jennifer Lawrence
Danny Elfman
Mark Mothersbaugh
Jimmy Kimmel

I mean, that would not be a bad guest list at a dinner party.


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Sep 10, 2015
I “want to believe” that Courtney Love is actually nice.


Did someone mention Drew Barrymore?



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Mar 28, 2011
Just for some fun on a Friday! ;)

We know Hollywood stars are said to have some diva like behaviors. But who is someone that you think genuinely is nice or want to believe is nice?

For me, it's Jennifer Garner - she seems so sweet and genuine. I truly hope it's not an act! Your turn!

Keanu Reeves


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Oct 2, 2020
Another Ryan Reynolds vote
Luke Bryan
Bradley Cooper
Kevin Hart


Oct 16, 2014
I just want to say about Will Smith that he's for sure off the list right now, but I also feel for him. I feel like he is going through a lot and has a lot of shame around his behaviour. Maybe I'm wrong and that's actually who he is and he was just trying to save face with his public apology but as someone who's behaviour changed quite drastically for awhile when going through COVID/burnout/depression/anxiety/my marriage ending, I have some empathy.

Tom Hanks
Keanu Reeves
Ryan Reynolds and by extension Blake Lively
Neil Patrick Harris


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Oct 27, 2007
Taylor Swift. I respect her choices and the things she really throws her celebrity behind. She seems to be an ethical person. I hope she’s as nice as she seems.