Who all can use Disney Club to buy park hoppers?


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Aug 20, 1999
We'll be going to WDW in June with my in-laws.

My MIL got bamboozled into buying a Disney Club membership by CRO (another story).

Anyway, I was thinking of using AAA to buy my, my husband's, and child's park hoppers. The only problem is that DH and I want 5 Day Park Hopper Plus passes, and according to AAA's website, they offer only 4 and 4 Day Hoppers--no plus passes.

So, here's what I am wondering. Can I use my MIL's DC card to buy the passes? Do we count as her family? Can we give her money to buy them for us? And how does she get the passes? Does she need to order them through DC or can she buy them at the Disney Store or on-line? Or at the ticket booth?
There are lots of ways to use the DC to get tickets. You can use it at TDS for Park Hoppers, at Guest Relations desks in the resorts, in Downtown Disney, or even at the Disney Store in the Orlando airport. You can order tickets from Disney, but they charge a fee, and I've read on the boards that it's slow. I have had good luck at WDW itself. Hope that helps your dilemma.
Hey, Gaston, thanks for the tip! The price is right at that site.

I'm not quite ready to buy them yet, so can I ask you a few more questions?

Do you call these people and order them over the phone? Or do you do a transaction over the 'net? Do they mail them to you? Or must you pick them up somewhere?

Thanks for your help!
Hi JJ!!

Not Gaston, but I got my tickets from www.floridaorlandotickets.com last summer. I ordered the on their website with a credit card. Had the tickets in my hands 3 days later. They are a wonderful ticket service IMHO.

Good Luck!


Just echoing BethR. The service was quick, and I appreciated the 30 minute phone card and other local coupons they included. We also ordered some tickets for PI and DQ.
Just echoing BethR. The service was quick, and I appreciated the 30 minute phone card and other local coupons they included. We also ordered some tickets for PI and DQ.
I don't know what's up--just seems to double post without me wanting that!

I just bought some for my sister, mom and nephew at our local Disney store using my Disney card. I don't know that it matters who they actually are for, just that the Disney card is present when they are purchased. I suppose some CM's might check that the name on the card matches the person buying them. Who is to say that your mother isn't buying them as a gift for your family? No one asked me if we were going to be the ones using them or anything.

My mom was also told the same thing when inquiring with AAA about purchasing her passes, we all wanted 5 day passes and they told her she could only get 4 day from them.
JerseyJanice- Is your MIL's last name the same as your married name?? If so then Yes you can the DC card,too!!

Disney Club is accually a good deal!! Besides discounts on tickets there are room and food discounts and a website with loads of info.
To See All the benifits of Disney Club click here

I hope this helps you with your WDW trip!!
When we had our family reunion over Thanksgiving, all 13 of us bought our tickets at the MK guest services window. We all lined up and there were roughly 8 credit cards involved. The CM was very nice and let everyone use my disney card. She didn't even bat an eyelash. I was suprised that they would let everyone in my party use the discount, but it worked out great!
I don't know if it's the same for all Disney Stores, but the DS here in Lexington told me they only sold 5 day hopper....I was wanting 5 day hopper plus. FYI
Can anyone tell me what the discount is for a 5 day Hopper Plus pass? The website said up to $10.


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