Whispering Canyon for Breakfast?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by vellamint, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. vellamint

    vellamint DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2000
    Is it as "fun" as the dinner is supposed to be....

    I really want our family to try this restaurant and am having a hard time fitting it in for a dinner but just realized a breakfast on the day we are switching hotels might be perfect!!!

    But I won't do it if the kids will miss out on the "fun"!

  2. Eeyore1954

    Eeyore1954 <font color=purple>A smart man who realizes that p

    Apr 5, 2002
    WCC can be fun at breakfast -- depending on your server. You can encourage some fun by trying some of these (not guaranteed to get a reaction, but they've worked in the past):

    1) Ask your server for some ketchup

    2) Ask your server where his/her six-shooter is (don't call it a G-u-N)

    3) Ask where you can buy GUM at WDW

    4) Ask for a Pepsi

    5) Ask for directions to Universal Studios

    6) Wear a hat or t-shirt from Universal Studios (of course, they may not seat you!)

    7) Ask for directions to the restrooms.

    I saw them do the "pony race" one time during breakfast. If you want, you can ask them if they'd do that during breakfast.

    I hope you have a truly FUN breakfast at WCC!
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  4. Tiger Fan

    Tiger Fan <font color=deeppink>Survivor<br><font color=teal>

    May 21, 2000
    We ate here earlier this month for breakfast and it was fantastic. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere lots of fun. They did the pony races (DD loved it) and many rounds of "pass the ketchup". I don't think you would miss a thing having breakfast and not dinner. It's a bargain too.
  5. stacy6552

    stacy6552 Keep to the code!

    Jun 18, 2000
    we love love love breakfast there!
  6. SuiteDisney

    SuiteDisney <font color=CC66CC>Short Post Man cracks me up!<br

    Nov 25, 2001
    We've eaten all three meals there and breakfast was the most fun. I guess the servers aren't tired yet, they were really rowdy. One guy was celebrating his b'day.... his waitress made him gallop around the restaurant on a wooden hobby horse. When he wouldn't do it properly, she took him into the lobby and galloped around with him.

    When you ask for ketchup, you get every bottle of ketchup. The people who asked for it last come running over with it. And when the next people ask for ketchup, you get to take all the bottles over to them. :)


    This guy got put in jail for stealing ketchup.

  7. Cindy B

    Cindy B <font color=blue>Have taken some furniture polish

    Oct 8, 2000
    wow that sounds like fun..

    We will be probably doing a WCC breakfast.. we want to close out the parks..

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