Which night would you do fireworks and Fantasmic?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by jacobsmommy, Apr 30, 2010.

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    We will be at DL from June 22 to June 26. We would like to do the following nighttime stuff: fireworks, Fantasmic, and the Pixie Hollow light thingy. I don't think we will want to do any nighttime stuff the first night b/c we have a very early morning on arrival day. That Thursday is a grad night, so no Fantasmic that night. When would you suggest us doing our night time stuff? Is one night better than the other? We will probably do the first showing of Fantasmic b/c my two year old isn't a night owl, unlike her brother.
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    What's the pixie hollow light thingy?
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    If it is like last year, it's basically a small light and music show in Pixie Hollow, happening at night every quarter hour or so. I don't remember if the fountains go or not. I don't recall but they might cycle through a few different shows each night. Unless they are changing it significantly this year, I think it's just a little thing worth seeing if you're in the area, but nothing at all spectacular.

    Jacobsmommy, as to which day you do what, it's hard to say. Unfortunately, as far as crowd levels go, we don't know what World of Color will do to Disneyland shows, so all I can offer are guesses.

    If fireworks are a high priority you probably want to see them as early as possible, because they are more than occasionally canceled (sometimes even mid-show) due to high-elevation winds. When we went June 19 - 23 the fireworks went like this:
    *Friday June 19th - numerous announcements that they might be canceled for wind; Tinkerbell and Dumbo didn't fly; show stopped abruptly right about at the Dumbo part (so we rushed over to see the second Fantasmic! :) )
    *Saturday, June 20th - whole show went on but without Tinkerbell and Dumbo
    *Sunday, June 21st - the whole show finally went on with Tinkerbell and Dumbo

    Personally, I prefer Fantasmic! to the Believe fireworks show, though. But some of that may be the fact that I had to spend like 3 hours before I managed to see Dumbo; the show couldn't live up to that. :rotfl:

    It sounds like they do fireworks on grad nites, but the shows may be very crowded. Still, if you want to do major nighttime entertainment Thursday, that's your only choice. Plus the fireworks will probably start at 8:40 (versus regular nights when they start at 9:25 or so) so if you have small children that might be worth considering. Depending on which is your highest priority, I'd do:

    *Fantasmic! on Wednesday, fireworks on Thursday (likely crowded) or if they don't happen then, Friday (also likely crowded but maybe less than Thursday?) or Saturday (perhaps less crowded due to annual pass blockouts)


    *Fireworks on Wednesday; if they don't happen then, Thursday; if they don't happen then, Friday; Fantasmic! on Saturday (or maybe Friday, but I'd think that would be more crowded)

    While it's an unusual occurrence, they do occasionally cancel Fantasmic! so I would try not to save it to the last day if you can help it. If you are doing the second showing of Fantasmic! it really doesn't matter which day you see it, but there can be large crowds gathered hours before the first showing.

    I think Pixie Hollow's show should be fine any time, again, as long as they didn't make significant changes to the show from last year. You could probably see it on a fireworks or Fantasmic! night and I THINK you could even see it on grad nite.

    (You CAN do Fantasmic! and fireworks in one day but it's a bit of a challenge and you don't get optimal views for Fantasmic!.)

    Have a great trip!

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