Which hotels have EE off site?


Earning My Ears
Mar 5, 2001
Due to a very bad experience with a WDW cast member at the travel company, I have decided to look into close off site accomodations where we can be treated nicely. Any comments on great hotels you've stayed at very close to WDW would be appreciated.

transportation is kind of important, but we'll have our car so it's not a big deal. Just want someplace relaxing and hassle free.
thank you.

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Swan/Dolphin are not run by Disney but offer EE, Disney transporation and have some attractive discounts available. Check for Glo's FAQ on the resort board.
Plus, S/D discounts are already released up through early 2002...no jumping through hoops trying to figure out the discount! And they have a published 800 number!
Can't beat the location and the transportation--walk or boat to MGM and Epcot. Bus to AK and MK.
Eligible for EE and E-night. Pkg delivery to the hotels. Disney ticket desk in the lobby.

Check out the FAQ! S/D is a great option!


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The Disney Village Hotels all have EE privileges now along with E Ride night ticket privileges..you would be on Disney property but not in a resort..if this helps. No off site hotels offer EE, just the resorts and Village Hotels.... :) :) :) :)


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