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    Just back from a great trip with lots of firsts for DH and I - as a matter of fact, HDDR, PTC and HOB are the only repeats from prior trips.

    Stayed at the airport Holiday Inn Select and they had a great breakfast buffet for 8.95.

    First day was at Universal and we grabbed hot dogs for lunch and had dinner at the Enchanted Oak. We both got the combo platters. The ribs were very good, and the corn on the cob wasn't bad, but fairly well cooled off. Too full for dessert.

    We stayed at RPR and had their breakfast buffet the next morning. It was excellent, including salmon and an omelet station. We sat outside to enjoy the weather.

    Off to WDW after that and managed to get a walk-in at about 12:30 at PTC over at MGM. If we had been a larger group it would have been a 2 hour wait. I had the chicken ceasar and DH had the smoked turkey sandwich. We were still full from breakfast and didn't finish either. DH said his was good (but skipped the chips). My salad was OK, but I prefer the chicken warm and this was cold. We had enough room to grab a PBJ to go, and this was EXCELLENT.

    Had dinner at Fantasmic. Both got the chicken wraps. These were so-so. They are made far in advance, you could tell, and again, I would have liked the chicken warm, not cold. They were huge, though, and we could easily have split them. Live and learn. Had a Mickey sandwich later (and had Mickey bars while watching IJ earlier - yum).


    Ate breakfast at Roaring Forks. Not sure what DH had (some sort of platter, I think), but I had the breakfast pizza and really enjoyed it.

    After a long morning at MK (with a stop for a Dole Whip swirl before we left - the line was terribly long), we came back and split chicken strips/fries, chili, brownie, and drink from Roaring Forks in our room. Used a voucher and it covered everything (I don't think it should have covered the chili, but I'm not arguing.)

    Dinner was at Ohana's. It took about 10 minutes just to get to the podium, and we were seated about 10 minutes later (so, about 20 minutes past our PS time of 5:30). Even though we had shared a lunch, we were feeling full already and couldn't do the food justice. Well, I admit - I did it more justice than DH did. Loved the wontons and I used the peanut sauce on everything. Did NOT like the pork (fatty). Normally I don't like carmel all that well, but I enjoyed the carmel with the pineapple so much I used my spoon to eat all of the rest when we were done with the pineapple! We didn't touch the bread, so not sure how it was, but it looked good.


    Had a PS at RFC for 8:30. Had the wrap, DH got a platter with eggs, etc. My wrap was rather spicy by the time I was finishing it. Used a MyPoints certificate here and with my DVC discount, was able to pay for the whole meal plus tip (we just had water).

    This afternoon we began eating our way around the World, enjoying the F&W festival. My faves were the Creme Brulee, the Sangria Flan, the Austrailian Tenderloin, and the Kielbasa and Perogies. We hated the Gazpacho, and the trout on a waffle was just so-so.


    Did the Sunrise Safari this morning, so breakfast was at Tusker House afterwards. YUM! Awesome cinnamon rolls, great salmon patties, lots of other great stuff (open face omelet, french toast with deep fried bananas, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, cereral, bacon/sausage, etc).

    Since we were stuffed from that, we split a late lunch from The Mara (African stew in a bread bowl - not bad, although I'm not a corn in soup fan, water, brownie (too sweet)). Used a lunch voucher here.

    Did the HDDR tonight (7:15), with front row seats. Ribs were great, didn't even touch the corn (too full), beans were good, shortcake was quite good. Didn't like the sweet butter at first, but had to have a second piece of bread after I'd thought about it a while. The show was excellent, as usual. Six-bits is SOO funny.


    Did breakfast at Boma, using vouchers. Starting to have an cumulative stuffed feeling, so couldn't do it justice. Loved the juice (had 2 glasses and rest of DH's) and the bobotie. DH ate something that left him with a bad spice taste the rest of the day, but we don't know what it was. I also tried the Quinoa and liked it, but I needed to put more brown sugar on it. DH tried the pap and hated the Quinoa.

    Got more Kielbasa at the World for lunch - that was all we could eat!

    Tonight we were going to the late show of La Nouba, so we had dinner at HOB. Had a PS for 6, but it looked like you could have just walked in. DH got the Blues Burger and I had the Elwood, since the Shrimp Po-Boy was no longer on the menu (BOO). The Elwood's spiciness sort of snuck up on you and I had to forgo the last 2 bites because my mouth was starting to burn (and I can usually handle pretty spicy stuff). We split the Banana Bread Pudding - quite good, even when you're stuffed. Not much banana flavor.


    Slept in this morning, so skipped breakfast and had an early lunch at Beaches and Cream (right at 11). Each of us had the single burgers (good, but the bun seemed a bit stale). Not knowing the size of the sundaes, we each ordered dessert - I had the No Way Jose and DH had the Brownie A La Mode. My GOODNESS they're huge! DH was impressed with the valiant attempt I made on the NWJ, but neither of us could finish. I was wishing I had not used my last Q&C voucher earlier - it really is a good deal here.

    Tonight we had a 6:00 PS for Boma. Had to wait just 5 minutes or so after checking in. Unfortunately, we were still so stuffed from lunch that we couldn't do this justice. I loved the Roasted Yellow Squash (asked for the recipe) and the FuFu (DH also liked both). Both of us agreed the prime rib was excellent. I did not like my Zebra Dome, so DH finished it, but he didn't rave about it, either. We didn't even try the chicken, but I did try the lamb mixture. As long as I didn't think about fluffy little lambs, it tasted pretty good.

    I saw one 60-ish woman with her plate filled with macaroni and cheese and prime rib. I felt sorry for her, not taking advantage of this opportunity to try something new. Heck, no one forces you to finish anything!


    Last day, with a late flight out (2 pm). We did Cape May for breakfast at 9. Had to wait 5-10 minutes after a similar wait in line to give our names. Had lots of attention from one of the chipmunks, which was fun. (Yes, the character meals are fun even if you don't have kids.) Didn't have corned beef hash (bummer, my secret fetish), but had Mickey waffles that were excellent and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (my, those are sweet!) We used vouchers here, too. Our server kept our tiny OJ glasses full and was very nice.

    Any questions?
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    Great, very helpful reviews! Thanks a lot!
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    Could you explain vouchers?
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    Enjoyed your reviews. Thanks!

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