Where to watch a football game?


Jul 14, 2009
We will be staying at the hard rock the end of September and my husband wants to watch the Monday night football game somewhere but I have no clue where to go. Any suggestions? It’s a 9:00 game.


May 21, 2014
I watched 2 games during our trip last year, one at NBC and another at City Works in Disney Springs. Had a great time at both, but much better beer at City Works. Drinking a couple flights and eating some good appetizers while watching football is tough to beat.


Earning My Ears
Jun 15, 2022
We stop at the Hard Rock a lot, and my go to is always the hotel’s pool bar (The Beachclub). Can usually always get a seat in view of a screen (they have 3/4 large screens), and in my experience, the staff have always been accommodating when I’ve asked them to put a specific game on.

Only trade off is the sound - they don’t play the commentary/tv audio and you may have the pool film night going on in the background. Would look at the places mentioned by others if this is an issue.