where to stay for family of 5


Jul 15, 2005
We are flying in a day early for our cruise and want to stay on the grounds. Trying to figure out where to stay. We won't have a car and we are not going into the parks. Any suggestions on which hotel for a fun afternoon and evening? I'm thinking maybe POR in the AB section. I thought I read that there is a boat ride to take you to DD.
POR is a great idea! They have a nice pool area, plus they also have fishing, boat rentals, and surrey rides. And I much prefer taking the boat to DTD over taking the bus. Much more pleasant!
Or you could splurge and stay at the WL in a Deluxe room - comes with concierge lounge/service so you could figure all your "nibbles" are included too!(extra nice for 5) Lots of fun things to do at WL! :goodvibes



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