Where to go for post-wedding dinner

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by pollypineapple8, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. pollypineapple8

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    Mar 28, 2013
    I can't decide where to go for dinner after we get married.
    We have a 1pm wedding at the Polynesian in September.
    There's just 7/8 of us having dinner and originally I thought we would go to Ohanas, but they dont serve dinner until 5pm I dont think we could wait that long. Most places I have checked are the same

    We wanted to do Chef Mickey because we have a 2-yr old and she would love the characters, but thats 5pm too.

    One idea is to go to Downtown Disney. I've been looking at Raglan Road because it does nice pub grub and has live music & its Irish (We are from Northern Ireland).

    Another idea is to go into the Magic Kingdom, but our guests wouldn't be getting a full day out of their tickets and it wouldnt be worth the money to go in for just a couple hrs.

    I like buffet style food, chicken, steak, etc.
    And we don't want anything too expensive as we are on quite a tight budget and will be paying for all 8 meals + drinks :/

  2. TDC Nala

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    Jun 22, 2001
    You aren't going to find any dinners any earlier than about 4:30. Buffets will not open before then. If you are looking at 2 to 3, you will be looking at lunches. There are not any buffet lunches at the resorts (unless you get lucky and they offer lunch at Chef Mickey's, usually that's only done at busy times).

    If you want a buffet, look at the Grand Floridian for 1900 Park Fare but they won't be seating for dinner before 4:30 or so either. Also take a look at the Grand Floridian Cafe. It is not a buffet, but serves lunch and should have a menu to your liking.

    The Wave was trying out a lunch buffet, don't know if they still have it.
  3. minnie mum

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    Mar 8, 2011
    You won't find a character meal outside the parks before 4:30 or 5. Since you want a lunch outside the parks, you won't get a buffet, either. They're pretty pricey anyway. Your best bet, since you will be at the Poly is lunch at Kona. Your other (close) choices would be the Grand Floridian Cafe or the Wave at the Contemporary. Have a look at the menus to see which appeals to you most.
  4. FiggieFan

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    Sep 1, 2012
    We were very disappointed in 1900 Park Fare. We love Raglan Road and always go to an early dinner around 4pm. At that time, they do not have any live entertainment. I believe live entertainment at Raglan Road is both dancing and music and begins at 6pm.

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