Where should we stay for two nights between BWV and HH

Where should we stay for two nights in between BWV and HH in August on a weekend?

  • Universal Studios - Portofino Bay

  • Polynesian - Garden view

  • Somewhere enroute to HH

  • Savannah or SC city nearby with sightseeing

  • Other

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DIS Veteran
Mar 19, 2001
Thanks for reading this. Hope you can help me out. DD and I will be staying at BWV for a week and will travel up to HH two days later. I didn't have enough points for the weekend nights, so I thought I could have a cash ressie there or somewhere else for the two nights in between. Any recommendations for those nights?

Options I thought of were:

1. Universal studios Portofino Bay - I have never been there, and don't know if the quality is as good as WDW

2. Polynesian - Made a garden view reservation. Have never stayed there either, but thought it would be a nice change.

3. Somewhere along the drive route to HH

4. Savannah or SC city with sightseeing.

5. Other


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