When the urge to spend strikes...

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by maxiesmom, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    Jul 6, 2004
    what do you do? I am trying to save and pay off my credit cards. But sometimes I just want to go and buy something. A few moments ago, I really really wanted something salty. popcorn:: So I thought a trip to the store was in order. I didn't go, but the night is still young! :blush: How do you handle it when you are in the mood to buy something?
  2. Chicago526

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    May 6, 2003
    I don't shop much (hardly ever, really), all of our debt is from our wedding (it's not that we had a lavish wedding, just that we didn't save up for it and charged most of it :blush: ). But maybe pulling out your credit card statments and see what you still owe on it and how much interest you're being charged will help.
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  4. mrsbornkuntry

    mrsbornkuntry <font color=FF6666>I'm worried about raccoons<br><

    Jul 8, 2004
  5. englishteacha

    englishteacha Have courage and be kind.

    Apr 2, 2006
    I'm learning to spend cash on my "fun" things instead of using the debit or credit card. It's much harder to part with cash than to swipe a piece of plastic. I went shopping on Tuesday with friends, and brought $60 cash with me, and didn't spend it all. I looked at a lot of stuff and then realized I didn't really need or want it.
  6. brandylouwho

    brandylouwho DIS Veteran

    May 16, 2006
    I shop nearly every day over my lunch hour (kid free shopping time is evil/dangerous) and it is a BAD habit. One thing I have done when I get the urge to spend is to buy something we need , like a few groceries (instead of a new shirt). That way I still get the little shopping high, but didn't necessarily waste money.

    Sometimes I leave my wallet in the car and walk around a store...I have to think twice about spending the money if I have to go all the way back to my car to get it.

    I have also started "rounding" up in my check book, so If I spend 5.50 I round up to 6 and just saved 50 cents. (yeah, I know I also spent 5.50 but at least I am saving too).

    I am considering giving myself a cash allowance each week and when that cash is gone it is gone, I waste so much on eating out and buying little things!!!

    Internet shopping is a whole other evil I have not yet conquered.

    I don't have a lot of will power, so I have to trick myself into smarter spending.
  7. bbangel

    bbangel My friends call me the font of useless knowledge

    May 18, 2006
    I find another activity to try and take my mind off it. Like do a craft project that you haven't finished or read a book you never seem to have time for. You have to problems: food craving and spending craving. I find it harder to resist food cravings. My only saving grace is I live at the bottom of the hill and the store is at the top. The walk to the top of the hill just makes giving in soooo not worth it.
  8. 4timedisneymommy

    4timedisneymommy Earning My Ears

    Jul 22, 2003
    I am lol because this happened to me yesterday!! I was in Kohl's (my 2nd favorite place in the world next to WDW) and had about $35 worth of stuff in my hands when it hit me..........WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? So, I put it all back, went home and paid $35 on my credit card!

    I have done this a couple of times, and it feels really good! :dance3:
  9. Liliyana

    Liliyana Scruffy-looking Nerf Herder

    May 19, 2006
    I'm a major internet shopper, especially ebay and bath-and-body-product E-tailers. What I do: I only use Paypal to make these purchases. I have a full time job but don't allow myself to use any of that money for internet stuff- instead, I sell on eBay and use a few internet money making sites (Fusion Cash etc.) that pay you via Paypal. That money is my random internet spending cash. :)
    To cut down otherwise, you could try what I have done when I'm between jobs. Play a MMORPG (a role-playing game that requires the internet, where you're playing with hundreds of other people around the world at the same time)- World of Warcraft is the most popular, personally I play Star Wars Galaxies, and there's a Lord of the Rings one coming out before too long. They generally cost around $15 a month to play. At jobless times I've used this as my one luxury, and because you get money ingame and can 'spend' it there, it's like fake shopping. In the one I play, you can have houses and decorate them, buy clothing, etc... lol! My retired mother recently started playing one and it has curbed her shopping soooo much!
  10. mickeyluv'r

    mickeyluv'r DIS Veteran

    Feb 14, 2005
    One thing....that I sometimes do if I spend money, and then realize it was a poor choice, or I need the money for something else, is RETURN the items. I'm not suggesting that you shloud go out an buy things you don't need, but somtimes those cute little sexy shirts look great in the store, but then you put them on at home and you notice they aren't as flattering as you orginally thought...quickly motivating yourself to bring them back will at least get the cost (minus gas) back.
  11. sara74

    sara74 DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 2005
    I used to be a big buy it and then regret it person and I was pretty good at returning things that weren't that great looking when I got them home. That got harder with 2 little ones as it wasn't as easy to get to the store. Now when the urge strikes me I go to the Gymboree website and look for good deals on the kids clothes! The website is easy to navigate and looking for clothes for the kids is so much more fun than shopping for myself. I am cheap enough that I won't pay full price, so after I get my shopping bag full on the website I let the stuff sit there and don't purchase anything until I have a coupon or code. Gymboree removes stuff as it sells out so they keep it up to date for me! And since even on sale their clothes can be pricey it is almost like splurging to even window shop their stuff on the web!
  12. StephMK

    StephMK DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2004
    If I really feel the need to shop, I go to a local thrift store. I usually keep a mental list of items I could use at home. I typically find one or two things for dirt cheap. It helps w/the spending, it's something I'd use anyway & helps the community as it's a non-profit with proceeds going to community groups.

    I bought a picture for an empty wall, 3 plates to go w/some of my grandmother's for the space above the cabinets & a tray. It was 1/2 price day so the grand total was $8.50. All the sifting through junk for potential treasures gets to be tiring & the urge to shop is over!

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