When do you usually book June or July flights to Orlando or Tampa for the best price?


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Jun 9, 2000

I am curious as to how to get the best price on flights for our summer vacation (early June).

Anybody have any tips on what months you have found summer deals or the best price when booking your own air fare?

Littlestar, we usually go to DVC every june, keep an eye out in a few weeks/month about March it seems. They will start having some specials. We are flying to Orlando in July for the Disney Cruise from Maryland. Nothing good yet. I check several times a week. It should be 150.00 or less per person.
It depends on where you are flying from. If Southwest serves your route, and your trip will be completed by June 8th, then now is a good time. If either your departure or your return is after June 8th, then you'll probably be best off waiting until Southwest begins selling your dates.
Yes, Southwest serves our area (Indy). We are coming home the middle of June, so I'll watch for those dates to open up. ATA is also in our area.

We had some friends last year that managed to get rates of $129.00 round trip into Orlando, but I think they had to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday to get that price.

Thanks for the help.


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