When do people start arriving for Comic Con?


DIS Veteran
Dec 27, 2010
Planning a San Diego/Disneyland trip for next summer. We are thinking of flying out on July 15 and staying 3 nights. Looks like Comic Con is the 20th-23rd. Will we have trouble finding accommodations in the SD if we head out by the 18th?


Earning My Ears
Nov 8, 2021
Depends which area that you are trying to stay? The reason that I say that is many of the hotels are blacked out and included as part of the SDCC hotel sale. Generally the hotels will be blacked out with a majority of people arriving Wednesday, July 19th, so if you are arriving on the 18th, you will just need to book a hotel through the SDCC hotel sale, which is held through their provider, OnPeak. Hotels that are available may still have rooms available but at much higher rates than the block rates provided for SDCC.


Oct 7, 2021
Iffy… the night of the 18th is the day before Preview Night. Hotels should let you book that date now. To add to this book a hotel during that close to ComicCon and NOT an AirBnB. Every year there are tons of people who have their AirBnB cancelled a few days before their stay and relisted at a much higher price sometimes 2-5x more


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