When can non-BLT owners book BLT?

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by las3888, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. las3888

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    May 30, 2001
    I am sorry if this has been posted before--we bought BLT and hope to stay sometime this fall. We probably won't be able to come up with a date though for some weeks to even months. I am just curious when the rest of DVC members (non-BLT owners) can start booking BLT for this fall? If you have booked BLT, were you able to get your dates, views, or are things getting booked up?

  2. sshd

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    Mar 15, 2000
    I am a Bay Lake owner. I tried for 4 days in December yesterday. I was not able to get my first choice of studio MK view. Right now I am on the waitlist for it but have reserved 2 days studio lake view, and 2 days 1 bedroom MK view. So it was possible to get reservations, but not for my first choice of rooms in December.
  3. CarolA

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    Aug 21, 1999
    The "advance booking" is over. You can now book 7 months in advance if you don't own there, just like at any other DVC.
  4. WebmasterDoc

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    Aug 14, 1998
    BLT reservations for non-owners began this past Sunday, February 22, 2009. Owners at that resort had a 2 week advance window starting on February 8, 2009.

    Owners still have the 11 month reservation priority over other owners who are limited to reservations within 7 months.

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