Wheelchair question


Nov 30, 2012
We are getting ready to book a late May trip for 2 adults and 2 children. My son is in a wheelchair. We are struggling with which hotel to book. It isn't just about the rooms but also about the distance to the parks from each hotel. Does anyone have any suggestions about which hotel for distance? Are the shuttles wheelchair friendly? Would there be long waits for the shuttles with the wheelchair? We don't mind pushing the wheelchair but we also have a 9 year old daughter who won't like walking a really long way at the end of a long day. Thanks!
Stay at a deluxe and take the boats. Although they cannot fit several wheelchairs, they can fit a couple.

If you're pushing the chair instead of taking the boat, HRH is the closest but I'm going to let someone else tell you if that makes sense. The only way we found to get out to the path (to the boat or just to walk to the parks) was through the pool area, and it was a pain enough on feet let alone having to maneuver a wheelchair around.

None of the deluxes should truly be any sort of long way for your 9 year old girl. The paths are a bit windy, but my son has never much minded that.
We stayed at RPR with my mom in a wheelchair in September. We usually walked and didn't bother with the boats. I pushed her the entire time and didn't find it to be a big deal. We had a 5 year old with us and she never complained about the walk, so it couldn't have been too bad.


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