Wheelchair/Handicapped Accessible Room Locations and Measurements

SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
Click here for a link to a past thread about Handicapped rooms.

This thread is going to be an attempt to catalog the locations and measurements of handicapped accessible rooms at WDW.
So, please post what you know here (including photos, if you have them).

Suggestions for things to post would include:
- Resort name, general location and/or room number
- Measurements are great, if you have them.
- Type of wheelchair/ECV/mobility equipment was used in the room and the measurements of that (if you know it)
- Were there places you could not get while using the mobility device?
- What worked well for you?
- Was there anything that did not work well?

SueM in MN

combining the teacups with a roller coaster
Aug 23, 1999
Kathy's report about All Star:
dclfun said:
For those who are mobility challenged and were looking for measurements, I've decided to bring my tape measure along to any resort we visit and will post measurements/heights here. We stayed this time at All Star Music but the All Stars are the same- don't want to say the same about Pop Century and assume that they are too. We requested an accessible room with roll in shower. Here are the measurements:
King bed:- height :24 inches
Area between bed and wall: 33 inches
Area between bed and armoire/table/chairs: 38 inches
Bathroom door width: 35 inches with sliding door
Roll in shower removable bench: 14 inches high/20 inches wide, 11 .5 inches deep
Shower stalldepth: 36inches Bars around both left side and right. Shower seat has back and is a little unstable- need to move it forward if using the removable hand held shower independently.
Toilet height: 20 inches, bars on side of toilet and space to transfer
Outside sink with space underneath for wheelchair access
No refrigerator in room ( had been removed)

Hope this helps someone else. In mid August we will be staying at Wilderness Lodge Villas and Old Key West, both in a studio and I'll be measuring there also so let me know if there's anything else anyone wants to know.


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May 13, 2000
The measurements above were taken in room 9424 ( Jazz building- All Star Music). I use a power wheelchair, adult narrow, which is very long due to attached ventilator and battery tray. Thanks Sue for updating this for me.---Kathy
  • BillSears

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    Mar 1, 2003
    OK here's a long post with lots of pics. It's probably overkill but I had some fun taking the pictures and wanted to share them.

    Wilderness Lodge Room 6098 connected to room 6097. Room 6098 had a king sized bed with a roll in shower. Room 6097 had a queen bed and a set of bunkbeds with a normal bathroom. The room was close to lobby elevators. It was considered a "woods view" but I felt it really should have been a standard view room since the view wasn't that good.

    The room was fairly roomy. It had alot of room on the side of the bed closest to the door and the bathroom worked out great for me. The balcony was bigger then the normal rooms balconies but it was still abit tight. The worst part for me was the king sized bed. It was a very soft bed which made it abit tougher for me to roll over and to get dressed in.

    Overall I was happy with the room. The second room(6097) was abit odd because of the bunkbeds but it did work out ok. My Aunt slept in one of the bunkbeds. :rotfl2:

    Armrails in the bathroom are all 36 inches high.
    Shower seat is 18 inches off of the ground.
    Toilet seat is 18 inches off of the ground.
    From the front of the toilet to the wall is 36 inches.
    Side of the toilet to the close wall is 11 inches.
    Side of the toilet to the far wall is 33 inches.
    Under the sink has 29 inches of clearance.
    Bed is 21 inches high.
    The bed is on a frame and has about 3 1/2 inches of clearance under it.
    There is 57 inches of clearance between the bed and the wall on the bed's right side.
    There is 36 inches of clearance between the bed and the wall on the bed's left side.
    There is 37 inches of clearance between the front of the bed and the chest of drawers and 29 inches of clearance between the front of the bed and the table.
    The table has 26 inches of clearance under it.
    The balcony door is about 31 inches wide.
    The balcony is 64 inches by 100 inches. The furniture on the balcony reduces the 64 inches to 32 inches in the area in front of the furniture.



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    May 13, 2000
    Here are measurements from Old Key West, accessible studio.

    Two beds:- height of each 26"
    width of each 60"

    Space between wall and bed- 22"
    Space between the two beds- 39"
    Space between sliding door and bed- 39"

    Space between armoire and bed- 46"
    Kitchen counter height- 35.5"
    Bathroom door width- 34"

    Toilet height- 19.5"
    Bars behind toilet and to right side of toilet

    Shower bench- 17" wide X 16" deep
    Width of shower stall- 59"

    Nice features- double shower head easy to reach
    Low bars for clothing
    Problem features- cupboard and microwave too high to reach from w/c

    Travelled in power wheelchair


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    May 13, 2000
    This is from the villas side of Wilderness Lodge and is a report for a studio unit, first floor accessible.

    One bed, one sofa sleeper
    Bed height- 26"
    Bed width- 60"

    Area between wall and bed- 24"
    Measurement of sofa sleeper- height 18"
    width- 60"

    Area between armoire and bed- 50"
    Kitchen counter height-35.5"
    Bathroom door width- 33" ( sliding door)
    Toilet height- 17.5"
    Bars behind toilet and to right side

    Shower bench- 18" high X 32" wide X 13" deep with cutout section
    Width of shower stall-62"

    Room very easy to navigate with plenty of space. Could only transfer from one side of the bed due to lack of space between bed and wall on one side. Counters in kitchen had microwave/coffee pot/utensils too high to reach.
  • jdremann

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    Apr 9, 2001
    This is great! Keep it up. If anyone has floorplans to add, I'd love to see them as well. The one key item for us is whether the bed has clearance under it for a hoyer lift so if you happen to notice that, please include it like BillSears did at the Wilderness Lodge. Thanks.

    I'm working on a visit to the Dolphin late next year so I will get pictures, measurments, floorplan, etc then. This is still a ways off though.


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    Apr 29, 2006
    Here is a link to a couple of pics of the bathroom.

    This is great! :thumbsup2 I'm going to go try to figure out how to put pics on the board! We just returned from Beach Club Villa Studio room 528. It had a roll-in shower with a drop down seat , clearance under sink ( no vanity space to place stuff ! ) The bathroom had plenty of room to move around. Regular hotel type bed with a base underneath ( no clearance under bed ). My DH uses a smaller power wc. I did have to move the night stand away from the bed to have room to get him in the bed but that was no problem. We used a transfer board to the bed & shower. This room also had a really big balcony that looked out on the quiet pool! But in reviewing our pics that balcony looks like a rarity. We'll be going back in January with family and getting a One Bedroom Villa. If any one as info. on that we'd appreciate it! Overall this room worked great for us!


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    Apr 29, 2006
    Here's a couple of photos of Beach Club Villa Studio Room 528
    Sorry, I didn't take measurements.

  • shovan

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    Apr 29, 2006
    Oh...yeah, but doesn't the room look great! :rotfl2:

    Never claimed to be a photo-journalist!


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    Aug 21, 2000
    While not a HC room, here are the dimensions for a one bedroom at SSR.
    All doorways are minimum 35" clear (some are 36"), except the closet which is 34". In this unit (2134) the refrigerator door swing allowed access from outside the kitchen area, which was great for DW in her WC. :)

    All furniture marked "M" is movable.



    Dec 14, 2006
    Does anyone have information about accessible rooms at POR, Mansion side? We booked through SPecial Reservations and were told that we would have a room on the Mansion side (as we requested) but she could not tell us what building. She also said if there were no rooms available with double beds (we are two adult friends, traveling with our two children, both in wheelchairs) they would assign us a king accessible room with the roll in shower (which we need) and then assign a connecting room. Is this standard policy? I was amazed - thought that was going above and beyond! This is why I love Disney! :sunny:
    Thanks for any info!

    Traveling to DW Feb 24th - March 3rd, 2007

    jay's dad

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Very few buildings at OKW have elevators. This isn't a problem if you want an accessible 1 or 2 bedroom unit, they put them on the first floor. The Grand Villas occupy the second and third floor of the buildings they are in. Therefore there are only a couple buildings that have an accessible Grand Villa.


    Jan 9, 2007
    Does anybody have the dimensions on either a ADA accessible room or a standard room at the Polynesian?


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    Aug 19, 2000
    OK here are some photos and measurements for POP. We were in room 3151 which is a room in the 50's buildings. Nice and close to the main building.
    Here are some measurements.
    Bed 20" high with a 4" clearance under it.
    The toliet door was 33"
    toilet ia 18" high with 10" of side clearance
    The shower seat was 14" on one side and 22" on the other with a width of 32"
    Sink had 34" of room
    The safe was 14" off the floor and the fridge was 12" x 17"
    DW's powerchair is 26" x 40"
    We did slide the bed closer to the wall and moved the table into the corner to give us more floor space.



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    Oct 17, 2000
    I am planning on bringing my mother to POP in December and have requested a handicapped room. She is in a wheelchair and also a diabetic. Did the handicapped accessible room come w/ the fridge or did you have to request it?

    I've stayed in the 50's and 70's building and would like the :hippie: 60's building this time.



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