What was your special Disney CM experience?

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  1. nikapluto

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    Aug 23, 2007
    I was reading a couple different posts on here, and after reading about how well DCL CM's handle situations I remembered my own experience with their excellent service.
    On our cruise this past October my diabetic mother became ill on our last night and was devastated to miss Triton's. Panda was our assistant server and as soon as she found out she immediately went over the menu with me. She told me she would pull some strings and get my mother dinner:woohoo: ! We picked out what would be best and she personally brought it up to my mothers stateroom. She then continued to speak with my mother, ask her if she needed anything else, gave her a hug goodbye and told her how much she really appreciated getting to know her:hug:! I just thought this was very sweet and showed a true excellence in service on this cruise. I made sure to let the front know what she was truly wonderful and we loved Panda. That and my youngest almost 3yr old DS still has a crush on her! :laughing:

    So what were other peoples special experiences?
  2. tjbaggott

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    Mar 7, 2009
    On our last Cruise, Our Special CM experience was on our Castaway Cay Day. My boys and I were anxious to get off the boat and onto the island. So we were up early and headed to Deck one where you disembark for CC. The stairs were roped off and no one was there. So we sat on the stairs and waited. Soon, a Secruity officer came through the doors, saw us and came over to introduce himself. He was Security Officer Tom. He asked my boys if they would like to be Special Security Officers for a while and if we would like to be the FIRST FAMILY Ashore for the day! So my boys were treated well, (got to wear Tom's Hat, send stuff through the scanner, look at the monitor and pick out what should NOT be in that bag in the scanner, radio up to the bridge to ask permission to go Ashore and had their photos taken of of all this) and then we had the Island to ourselves for all of 10 or 15 minutes.
    Later that evening, Tom came to our stateroom and handed us "Magical Moments Certificates". That was our Magical Experience.

    Another would be, the same day, at the end of the day on CC. We were headed back to the ship. There was a lineup to get on board, but to the far left of the gang plank, there was Minnie in her beach dress. My DS6 had his pirate Beach Ball with him and didn't want to get back on the ship yet. I suggested he get his picture with Minnie but he was too shy to go near her.
    Minnie however, being SO great at gettin shy children to feel welcome, motioned to DS6 to throw her the Beach ball. He wasn't sure at first but then did. They then tossed the ball back and forth, neither of them ever dropping it, and DS was OVER THE MOON! They played like that till the lineup was gone. What a way to end our CC Day! ;)
  3. Jennifer in MI

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    Feb 4, 2008
    On our last cruise, we figured out who played one of the characters in one of the shows. We saw him ALL.THE.TIME around the ship. We let him know that we knew who he was. He, of course, denied it, but was sweet about it. The rest of our cruise, he was awesome with my kids. He would pick them out in the Kid's Clubs, yell across the atrium - either in character or out - to my kids and call them his best friend. It was SUCH a special experience.
  4. jfahome

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    Apr 10, 2009
    I have put this one on of the other posts, but love writing about it. My DD(5) LOVES JoJo, from JoJo's circus. There is a JoJo activity in the Club during the 7night cruises. And JoJo joins the activity at the end of the hour. The club leaders could see how much she loved JoJo (she had her shirt and doll with her) and she knew all the words to the songs and shows. So, they asked if she would like to get a picture with JoJo (JoJo doesn't always do pictures). Anwyays, we were thrilled and my DD had a great time. So, the next day we were in line to see one of the characters and the character's assistant said, "Oh, this is the little girl who loves JoJo" and we of course agreed. She wanted to let us know that JoJo would be back in the Club again the next day for her activity again. By the conversation we were having, we knew she was the one who played JoJo. She then asked us for our room number. That evening, we received a call from the director of entertainment and he said that one of his CM's had informed him that our DD was the biggest fan of JoJo and that JoJo would like to have a special time with her after her activity the next day. We were again, thrilled! After the activity, JoJo took our DD and gave her lots of hug and play time, then she walked with her all around deck 5. It was the princess gathering time on Deck 3 and JoJo picked DD up and waved with her to the princess below. And the princesses all stopped and waved back to her. Then they continued to walk around some more. JoJo can't talk in her costume, so walking and hugging was the best she could do. Our DD had the most amazing time. Later that night she received a special moments certificate to remember her day and the youth activity group made her a photo balloon with her and JoJo. I tell you, this CM is our best friend now (not really, we can't get in touch with her), but she will be forever in our minds and hopefully we'll run into her next time!! :cloud9:

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