What to do with used up gift cards


Earning My Ears
May 19, 2018
Only this audience would get how cool and funny this is.

At our school, we have a little craft group that comes up with fun ways to recycle. One teacher came up with the idea to spray paint old gift cards and use them like name plates, labels, tags, etc. She'd paint them, affix the name or label on the front and use either magnet or a piece of velcro to attach it to whatever it was she was labeling.

She wanted to do her class's daily schedule on them, but didn't have enough cards. I offered her all of my used Tim Horton's gift cards so she could get the job done. She was pretty happy.

In a Zoom meeting today, someone asked if we could collect up old gift cards so they could do the same thing. I went in my desk drawer and offered them all I had...



Jaws dropped. I paid for most of 2 Disney trips with Disney Gift cards. Sam's had a 2.5% and 5% off sale on them for months and months. For three months Discover gave 5% back on Sam's club purchases. During that three months, I ate nothing but PB&J for lunch so I could buy just one more $50 gift card a month. It was interesting.


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