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    Oct 11, 2011
    Our plane will be getting in on Saturday January 21st at 10am. We are going to do epcot the first day. We are on the free dinning plan(one cs, one sit down and snack per day). Family is my husband, 4 year old girl and 8 year old son. Should we eat a quick lunch at our resort for counter service and then have a later dinner at Garden Grill or should we just use our snack credits at epoct first and then have a late lunch/early dinner around 3 to 4pm. What would you choose?
    I've never done a trip like this. Last time I was on a plane was when I was seven years old. I don't know if the kids will really be hungry when we get to the resort. Just so you know we are going to be on the plane from 7am until we land at 10am. We will have to be up early in the morning on Saturday to get on the plane. I dont know how hungry the kids would be after a plane trip. Parents with this type of experence please respond.

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    A few things to consider: 1. Garden Grill is pretty popular and they are only open from 4-8pm so a 3:00 meal there isn't going to be possible. Have you checked for what openings they do have for that date? If this is a must do, you'll have to plan your other meals/snacks around the time of your adr.

    2. You might not make it to the resort from the airport (if your taking ME) until 1pm just depending on many factors. I'm guessing your kids will be hungry unless you've packed a lunch or they have had a lot of snacks so grabbing a cs at the resort would probably be a good idea.

    3. Encourage them to nap on the plane!! But even if they do, a really late dinner probabaly isn't a good idea since they'll have been awake since 3-4ish am right?

    You, of course, know your kids best, their appetites, and how they handle sleep and eating change ups so go with what you think would work best for them! Whatever you decide, i hope you get the adr time that works best for you!
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    I have 2 girls 8 & 5 yrs. I know they are always really excited when we first arrive, so little chance of getting in any nap time. I would get them breakfast at the airport before leaving for the hotel and plan the earlier dinner / late lunch. That would make it less likely that they would be run down and tired for the dinner.

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