What percentage for each of your budget expenses do you stick to? Myrtle beach Q?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by disneyofcourse, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Oct 2, 2006
    Hope that title made some sense! Example: Housing 35% or less, Car 10% or less, Food 10% or less. Etc.etc...

    Also, what advice would you give a highschool friend who just had a nasty breakup and is considering moving to another state and starting fresh? She's in the Philly area and if she sold her house it looks like she would still come out about 35k-40 ahead. Basically, compared to the lowest recently sold home near her. She wants to put that down on a new home She is considering taking a job in Myrtle beach sc. Thing is her income would drop to to the 35k range. About 12k less than her job right now. I'm just assuming that homes are much, much more affordable in SC and so her income would be ok to live on... It worries me that she has done ZERO research on cost of living, or the area. AND she hates humidity and is a very on the go type person. Not that I've spent much time in SC near the beach, isn't it pretty laid back? Especially compared to Philly:beach: I told her she should just go do whatever she needs to do in order to be happier. What would you tell someone who is just going through a really bad time and needs a fresh start?

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