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Mar 13, 2001
I am a bit confused about what ID information should be put on a child to assist in case they get separated from the parent. The cellphone number is a great idea so that the parent could easily be contacted. However, we don't have a cellphone.

I keep reading that you should include where you are staying. If I lose my child in MK, why does it matter where I am staying? I am certainly not going to leave MK and go back to my hotel when she is missing and I would certainly hope that they would not try to return her to the hotel while I am looking for her frantically at MK.

Does this make sense to anyone
my son carried a card with our names and cell phone numbers. it also had our reservation information and two emergancy contacts. this way my son could talk to grnadma while waiting for me if lost, but also in case of some accident someone else could be contacted. i figured wdw could track our home information via the reservation and if time becomes a factor someone could go back to the hotel to wait.
We always put a card with our childs name,our names,cell numbers,hotel,room #, and hotel phone.We also make sure the kids know who to look for if they get lost by showing them a CM so they know what their name tags look like. We also keep a polaroid picture of them taken that day so we can remember what they were wearing that day(you'd be surprised what you forget when your in a panic). :cool:
this will be our frist trip to disney as a family.
my DD is 5 and in her fanning pack I plan to have a laminated sheet.

it has her name
a picture of us as a family with the words "heres what my mommy and daddy look like.
(so the cm's know who the are looking for)
our names under our photos
our hotel
hotel room #
pager number
and emgency info (i.e allergic to any medications)
and a emergency location we can write in every day
(i.e city hall, the castle, tree of life,
we can change the emergency location by cleaning and writing in it again according to where we are during the day....that way if by some chance she getslost..a cm will know where at least 1 of us parents will be at that emergency location and can bring her there. The other parent will probrably be panicing at the site where we lost her!!!!!

maybe this is a little over the top..but I dont want to take ANY chances with my baby :)

Wow, thank you for the great information. I especially like the idea of keeping a picture of the child with the parent and a picture of the parents with the child.

When camping, my parents always made sure that each of the children had a whistle in case they got lost in the woods. Would a whistle work at the theme parks or is it too loud to notice a whistle?

It really sounds like I am PLANNING on losing my child. . .
We always pinned the necessary information (on 3X5 card) to the inside of a pocket, we slipped the card inside a clear plastic recipe card sleeve first. I like the idea of the daily polaroid for the parents to carry. Our DGS is 11 so he will also carry a family radio. We bought them after reading glowing reports here from families that used them.
We went to Disneyland last year and the year before. Before each trip, I went to PetSmart...they have a pet tag engraving machine, where for $2 I engraved a heart-shaped tag for my daughter (younger than 5) with her first and last names, my mom's telephone number here at home, and our names. My mom had our itinerary so she could tell whoever called where we were.

I put the tag on a necklace and DD wore it the whole trip (except for sleeping).

we also do the shrinky dinks. you can put all of the information it and shrink then loop it through a shoe lace facing down or pin it to the inside of their clothes.



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