What hotels across the street from DLR....

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Snoodles74, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Snoodles74

    Snoodles74 Earning My Ears

    Jan 31, 2008
    Would you NOT stay at? Do you ONLY stay at? Why??
    I keep going back and forth about which place to stay. For the time we are going, there isn't a huge difference in prices for rooms that are part of the Good Neighbor hotels. I just keep beating my head against my keyboard trying to decide. I know we are basically there just to sleep and shower, but I would still like a decent place with nice beds and warm water.

    Thank you so much to those who keep trying to help me!!:worship:

    :thanks: :disrocks:

  2. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Dangerously Addicted to Disneyland

    Dec 11, 2006
    Would definitely not stay at:

    Castle Inn & Suites

    Would stay at if I really needed a bargain and was going for SUPER cheap, no frills:

    Anaheim Plaza
    Del Sol
    Ramada Inn Maingate

    Would stay at and have heard good things about:

    Desert Inn & Suites
    Park Vue
    Best Western PPI

    Am completely loyal to:

    HOJO Rocks! :thumbsup2
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  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2007
    Nice beds and warm water is a good description of the Carousel. So warm that my steamy shower set off the smoke detector after midnight. Once that got sorted out, I fell to sleep instantly in their comfy bed. :)

    I also stayed at Anabella, which is across the street in a different way (not on Harbor, but on Katella, and you have to walk a bit to get to the entrance), and their beds were similiarly comfy (b/c they are a sister hotel to Carousel, most likely).

    But I like HoJo the best of the three offsites I've stayed at, because I got a better rate than at those other two, and therefore the value to me was better. And NOW they have replaced their bedding and their beds, and they are using the same type of beds that Starwood hotels use (like Westin's Heavenly Bed, or Sheraton's comfy beds).

    MATTERHORN <font color=purple>HA HA take that all of you unco

    Oct 27, 2003
    My two that I WILL NOT stay at are the Castle Inn and the Del Sol. Other than that, I have stayed at almost all of them and tend to stay wherever the best deal is or which hotel meets my needs for that trip!

  6. Mickey&Donald

    Mickey&Donald <font color=blue>Por favor mantenganse alejado de

    May 28, 2006
    I just got back from a stay at the Del Sol. I loved the location, but not much else. The beds were fine, and the water was warm. However, one of my friends noticed a total lack of sprinklers in the room -- which sort of freaked me out. The "breakfast buffet" is a joke, unless you are happy with sliced bread, sliced oranges and sugary danishes. I went for coffee in the mornings, but was glad that I had my own snacks in the room. Honestly, I thought it was a bit overpriced for the total lack of amenities.
  7. Disneyluvr2

    Disneyluvr2 I'll never out grow the kids table!

    Sep 19, 2007
    We always stay at Park Vue Inn. The location is perfect and they have a nice breakfast.:thumbsup2

    Another vote here for staying away from Castle Inn!!! Made that mistake once and I'll never go back!:sad2:
  8. civileng68

    civileng68 <font color=teal>That May scare the poopy out of m

    Jul 23, 2003
    What about the Fairfield Inn Anaheim there across the street?
  9. MouseFan Down Under

    MouseFan Down Under Mouseketeer

    Jan 11, 2008
    I always stay at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott across the street. And I am booked in there again for September.

    It has all the basics, it's clean, the restuarant out the front is pretty good - and you can see the park from the balcony. It is in easy walking distance to the parks.

    Good Luck with whichever one you choose!!!:cutie:
  10. slruud

    slruud DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2006
    Another vote for the Fairfield here. They are close to Mimi's, Millie's, and McDonalds. They also have free wireless internet.:thumbsup2
  11. Cabelle1863

    Cabelle1863 It's never too soon for another Disney Cruise!

    Jan 3, 2007
    We've stayed at the Best Western PPI and love it. I'd recommend it to others. The mini-suites are fantastic for our family of 5.

    On our next trip in just a couple days Dh and I are trying the Anaheim Fairfield Inn. We love the Best Western PPI but thought it would be fun to try something new. I've heard lots of great stuff about the hotel. It's also right behind our favorite offsite restaurant, Millie's.
  12. grumpyvet

    grumpyvet DIS Veteran

    Dec 15, 2006
    So far, I have only stayed at the Park Vue..bunkbed room. The Bunkbeds were super super sturdy, I actually slept like the dead in the bottom one!!

    Staff was pleasant, the pool very 1960's but clean and they give you no hassle with parking your car there for the whole day you check out!!!
  13. sweetascanbee

    sweetascanbee Mouseketeer

    Oct 16, 2006
    We have stayed at the Tropicana, the carousel and HOJO, of the three my fav...and the nicest was Tropicana... And thats where we plan to stay next time.
    The HOJO was nice, but our room hung over the highway and was VERY noisy with traffic 24 hours a day. (Being from a small town we assumed the traffic would go quiet at night...LMAO..were we wrong) so if you don't get a room over the highway it was nice....but a further walk.
    The Carousel we didnt care for, but since we were only sleeping there it was fine.
    Have not stayed at the fairfeild, but have heard good things about it.

  14. Snoodles74

    Snoodles74 Earning My Ears

    Jan 31, 2008
    WOW!! You are all so fabulous!! I can't tell you how much this is helping to narrow down where to stay:thumbsup2 I have crossed Castle Inn right off my list. LOL 3 DEFINITE no-s is enough for me;)
    Looks like it will be between:
    Best Western PPI
    Park Vue Inn
    Carousel (of which I need to look into)

    Down to 5 from 10:cool1:

    It will be my hubby and I and our 2 DDs (13 &14, well 15 right before we leave.LOL) I am not sure who is more excited, me or the girls:laughing:

  15. kiwitravel

    kiwitravel Kiwis like Tiggers

    May 8, 2007
    Have stayed at the Carousel and Tropicanna and would stay at either again, Tropicanna had a better pool and a Jacuzzi (Carousel has only a small pool) whilst the rooms were bigger and the microwave and fridge were better at the Carousel. Carousel also had the better breakfast when we stayed and the staff were excellent at the Carousel. HoJos is a 10 to 15 min walk (Carousel, Trop is 5 min) but has very big rooms, excellent pools but no Microwave. Can be noisey if your room is on the freeway side of the hotel.

    Definitely stay away from Castle Inn. I checked out Park Vue last trip and certainly would get a price from them but they have had some mixed reviews here.

    BWPPI is a hotel that is very well thought of here and certainly on our list to try. Also heard good things about Camelot (sister hotel to Tropicanna) which is next door to Carousel.
  16. Vanvmom

    Vanvmom Where was I going?

    Apr 21, 2005
    We did not like our stay at the Carousel, but others have posted that they enjoyed it. Our room was not one of the recent remodels. We also had someone try to enter our room in the middle of the night - which could happen anywhere I guess. Park Vue rooms seemed really small to us when we stayed there in 2002. Personally, I like Candy Cane Inn the best.
  17. mareed

    mareed DIS Veteran

    Jun 5, 2000
    We've stayed at HoJo probably 5 times before, and tried Best Western Park Place Inn in early Jan. We'll be sticking with HoJo in the future! I think of all the ones you're listing, the HoJo is the only hotel with interior corridors. All the others are motels with doors that open directly outside to the parking lot. I can speak from first-hand experience that having vehicles about 5 feet from your 1st floor door is no fun. :mad: Beeping car alarms seemed to continue all night long. It might have been tolerable if we weren't on the 1st floor, but the hotel was full, and well, someone's going to end up there. It's not worth it to me to take a chance on ending up on the 1st floor of any motel, so we'll be sticking with HoJo in the future.

    I think the Fairfield may also be interior corridors, but I can't recall. Haven't stayed there, but have seen it, since it's right next to HoJo.
  18. PixiePowered

    PixiePowered Mouseketeer

    May 3, 2007
    My vote is Candy Cane Inn. Great place, friendly staff, short walk to the parks... and continental breakfast is a nice bonus :thumbsup2
  19. Mrs. Bee

    Mrs. Bee WDW 1987,1991,1995,2008 Disneyland over 200 times

    Nov 1, 2007
    We stayed at the Anaheim Plaza twice last year and didn't have a problem either time. Obviously it's not a 5 star hotel...haha. But it was a great bargain and we didn't plan on being in our room much. The room had a fridge and microwave which was nice. We went to the store and got stuff for breakfast and an occasional lunch in the room so it worked out well. We didn't hear our neighbors through the walls which is important to me.

    Also the walk to the park was close and there was a Denny's on the way to stop and grab breakfast in the morning or a late dinner on our way back.

    The hotel was old but the room was clean so I was happy.

    They have a big pool that was nice last summer when it was insanely hot outside.

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