What hospital in Orlando area?

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    We are heading to Florida next month for 11 days followed by 4 nights on the Wonder, (driving from Idaho) and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion regarding the best children's hospital in the area. My son has complicated medical issues (30+ surgeries, is on tube feeds and has a central line for IV nutrition as well, on coumadin, spinal fusion, etc) and I want to be prepared JUST in case. PRAYING we dont need it, but we do occasionally have to do labs at least to check on things. I like to plug in the hospital name and address into the GPS so we can get there easily ahead of time, and maybe even find out the name of a doc or two that we could look up in case of need!


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    we also have nemours which caters to children as well.It's near Arnold Palmer and ORMC. My grandkids drs until recently were there. Because of a internal issues and BCBS debate about co paymts, alot of the drs went over to Arnold Palmer. Both topnotch.

    Also, I hope you faxed in the medical form for the ships dr. If you haven't you can pull it off the DCL site.

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