What Does YOUR DCL magnetic door sign look like? With other great tips for your sign

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Aug 24, 2004
My original post- If you've made a DCL magnetic door sign, post a pic of it here. I need to get my creative thoughts flowing (for our own sign) as our family will be cruising in 2006! :banana:

6/24/05- :cheer2: :cheer2: I can't believe how this thread has taken off! Even I can't keep up with it! All the signs and ideas... just every thing is sooooo awesome! Thanks all for posting your ideas, what you've done, and sharing what you are planning to do.

----> 8/7/06 URGENT INFORMATION: The following has been shared by a very reputable DISer.
Originally Posted by Verandah Man:
I received the attached PM from a fellow DIS'er overnight. I think it might be time I start looking for a new supplier to get my magnetic sheets from, please take caution.

I have just had something horrible happen to me and I know you need to know about it. I did in fact use the company Decal Paper.com to order my magnetic paper. My credit card was charged and my order was to be delivered Aug 2. For some unknown reason UPS sent me a notice that my delivery had been voided. I contacted Decal Paper 3 times to try and get it straightened out. Supposedly, this past Friday they sent it out. Now, I got a frightening email from a lady telling me that she had ordered some things and included in HER order was my mastercard number and other things about me. She said that she wasn't going to use the info but thought I needed to know. She was afraid that maybe her info was sent to someone else, too. I know that you have used them several times but you might want to reconsider using them again. I have contacted my bank and cancelled my card.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!

My last order from this same company was a little messed up, they had sent me the wrong material, after one e-mail and one phone call, the order was finally corrected. I didn't want to cause a panic, but I just thought I'd share this news with everyone.

For those who are new to this thread, it would be great if we could avoid repititon of information or questions. If you can figure out the blue dog search engine-fantastic! ETA 2/07: I am also posting the most common answers to questions posted on the thread since its creation. This first post is full of links as well so, please look here too. I've only gone through 25 pages and have many many more pages to go, please be patient.

It is well worth combing through all these pages on this thread to find websites, where to get magnetic paper from, how to find banner paper, fonts, clip arts etc. So, get a big cup of coffee or some caffinated drink and enjoy reading every one's great contributions to this thread. :grouphug: :wave:

DISers ask, why do a door sign? click here to read why.

2006 UPDATE :
Belated thank you to Ray Sharpton who made a "list of posts with newbie information and links by post number so that you can find them on the wonderful original thread, and quote them here." Here's a link to his thread. http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=925792. What he did was no small task. Thanks to you all who have added your suggestions for making, creating, and displaying your creations.


If you are thinking of making a Magnetic Door sign please consider the following:Please give credit or reference the DISer whose sign you modified, copied, or got inspiration from for from for your door sign.

Better yet, please PM the creator and ask permission to use all or part of THEIR design or ideas. Please be curtious to your fellow DISers.

If you dredge through this thread, DISers have REMOVED pictures of their door signs for this very problem-not giving credit or not asking to use all/parts of their signs.

If you do not want your door sign copied, do like Ebay sellers do and write your DIS user name across it, or taken, or even sample in big letters. It could help minimize the copying, but it won't stop it.

Let's do our part and keep this thread going.

How do I post my pictures of my door signs or other images? Below are instructions I've distributed.

Posting: First find a photo hosting site. I like free so mine is photobucket.com. You can use Yahoo and even the DIS. From photobucket you have to register. Then, when you are ready to upload picture(s) click the browse button. It will pull up your computer directory. find the photo you want to upload and press the "submit" button. Your picture should appear on the bottom of the screen. What you'll want to do next is highlight the http:nsfndn.fldkfj[img] and copy that line. The n, go back to your post your working on and paste. You should only see the [img]asfd[img]. Once you submit your post, the picture should be visable.

[U]Resizing your picture:[/U] If the image is TOO big, go back into your photohosting site and look for edit. If you edit in Photobucket, it will modify the picture size in your hard drive as well. So, if you don't want the original picture shrunk consider creating a duplicate pic in your hard drive and name it some thing different for your photohosting site. Give the DIS and your photohosting servers time to modifiy your images. If you modify too much you may end up with a speck of a dot for a photo. Trust me, I've done this too many times to myself. Be patient.

:tink: :goofy: :stitch: :mickeyjum :donald: :ccat: :tigger: [COLOR=Darkorchid]If you are looking for Disney clip arts, Disney fonts, etc., for your door sign(s) go to the Creative DISigns forum[URL=http://www.disboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=105]Creative DISigns forum [/URL]. [B]Also[/B], here's a link to their Design tips thread. Here you will find software tips, clip art links, font links, and more. Here's the link to that. [URL=http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=892906]Creative DISigns Design Tips[/URL] [/COLOR]

:sad2:[B]7/10/06: Sadly, Magnetic door signs and other door decorations have been disappearing from stateroom doors.[/B] I've asked My3princes to design anti theft door signs. [URL=http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=12976011&postcount=145]DISney Patrol signs created by My3princes for all to use[/URL] If you choose to print any of them and put it on your stateroom door, let us know if these signs helped keep your door signs in tact. Here's some other good tips. Personalize all parts of your door signs including your mickey paint chips. You don't have to put your name, but your cabin number could help. Also, remove your door signs when decide to call it a night. This deters the late night pranksters. As Scratch42 put it, [I]"It's unfortunate, just because it's Disney doesn't mean there are certain types that will not do unscrupulous deeds!". [/I] Its a sad, but true statement.

[CENTER]:rainbow:[SIZE=3][B][COLOR=DarkOrange]H[/COLOR] [COLOR=Cyan]A[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]V [/COLOR] [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]E[/COLOR] - [COLOR=darkgreen] F[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrchid]U[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]N[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]! [/COLOR] [/B] [/SIZE] :rainbow: [/CENTER]

[B]2/07[/B] [B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]--->Here are some helpful posts:[/COLOR] [/B] [SIZE="1"]*note to self- stopped on page 25*[/SIZE]
Some locations where you can find magnetic paper:[/U][/B]
[quote="alanapapa, post: 8910375"]I found some magnetic paper at WalMart, in the office supplies area. There is also a website (I will have to find it and post later) where you can mail-order some. I have some of each. The paper fromn the website is 4 or 5 mil compared to the 2 mil from WalMart. I like them both but they can be pricey.[/QUOTE]

[quote="krdisneybound, post: 8910451"]Wal-Mart; Office Depot;
You can also go to Amazon.com and search for magnet sheets or magnet strips. The magnet sheets go through ink jet printers very good. Should have no problem at all.[/QUOTE]

[quote="Zandy595, post: 8982554"]The magnetic sheets are regular paper size - 8 1/2 x 11.[/QUOTE]

[B][U]Magnetic paper vs. the velocity of a moving vehicle:[/U][/B]
[quote="Momeska, post: 8980708"]I had a similar experience with the magnetic paper on the car. I made a two page banner for DS's high school graduation. I put the two pieces flush up against each other on the side of the car. When we got to school, only one sign was left saying, "CONGRA, BEC, Class o". :blush: Don't use it on your cars!

Hammermill makes clear window decal paper that will go through an inkjet printer. I found it on clearance at Walmart. Try Staples or Office Depot if your Walmart doesn't carry it.[/QUOTE]

[B][U]Picture of the first DCL banner:[/U][/B]
[quote="Verandah Man, post: 8971971"]Here is a photo of the banner as promised. The banner measures 8.5" high by 66" long. It covers the length of our living room sofa, LOL!!! :rotfl2:


Disney images or fonts. What program do I/should I use to make my signs?

I totally agree with Zandy595. I made all of my signs using PrintShop6 and "borrowing" from a variety of websites. Besides the clipart sites, you can save pretty much any image from any website and use it, as long as it isn't "blocked". The skull I used on my pirate sign was from a website selling posters. I just saved the image, cropped off what I didn't want and built up the sign around that image. PrintShop is a very easy program. I taught myself how to use it years ago when I was totally computer illiterate. You just play around with the images until you have them the way you want them, add type, borders, etc. and wa-la!
:wave2: Linda
I used my Print Shop Deluxe version 10 program. I use this program for nearly all my signs, t-shirts, greeting cards and for just about everything else I can come up with.
I am using Microsoft publisher to do my signs. I may play around with it some more, but I did see some of the pirate night signs on here had a great font, and I didn't know if it was a download, or something already in the program.
Lime Green Mickey Head templete provided by VM:
If you right click over the green Mickey head, you should be able to save it on your computer, then you can use it however you like.



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May 22, 2003
taeja71 said:
If you've made a DCL magnetic door sign, post a pic of it here. I need to get my creative thoughts flowing (for our own sign) as our family will be cruising in 2006! :banana:

www.hannomax.com is a website where i made 10+ door signs on our last cruise. i hope it gives you great ideas


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Oct 10, 2003
I am cruising on Oct 29th...How do you make a magnetic sign?? A template would be great!


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Aug 24, 2004
There's not really a door sign template per sae. You have to be a little creative or borrow some one else's creativity to create your own door sign. Last year, I used stick people and put little mickey ear hats above my people w/ our names below. I still have to post our door sign so you can see what I'm posting about. DisneyDmbNut, SEARCH the DISboard for Disney fonts and clip arts. Once you get your sign made, be sure to post it here so we can see what you did! :wave2:


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Oct 10, 2003
I always wondered where people got the Disney font...If I could get that, I guess I would be able to make my own! Thanks!


Earning My Ears
Dec 30, 2003
My family made one for our cruise last July.

hopefully that should work...i dont know how else to display them with out a link

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  • Laurajean1014

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    Jun 28, 2001
    On the cruises we were on, most did not have any decorations, a few did but it was not noticable.


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    Nov 12, 2004
    I went to home depot and got some of the mickeyhead paint chips. Took them home and enlarged them BIG TIME and then cut them out. Bought some magnetic paper and put the enlarged mickeyhead cut out on it. Cut off the excess and it looked awesome. took a marker and wrote 3mickeys&me on it.

    I made some for other family members who were traveling with us. They loved them.


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    Sep 17, 2002

    Wow, your door signs are so vibrant and creative! Mine looks dull compared to all of yours.

    Back to Print Artist. Making these signs is fun, fun, fun!

    Verandah Man

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    Jan 24, 2003
    Below are the magnetic door signs I made for our August 2003 cruise.


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    May 20, 2005
    Those are great.

    For our upcoming cruise, I did not make a "sign" but simply cut out Mickey shapes out of magnetic material and then printed on cardstock (to place on each one) our name and our favorite Disney Character. Since I have not learned how to post a picture to a post (and I have tried!) - I can't show them but they came out cute. I have 6 "mickey heads" - once with each of our names and character and the others with the name of the cruse and "DISBoards" member.


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    May 15, 2000
    Is there a thread on how to begin this process? I am not very creative, but traveling with a group in October, would love to surprise everyone with this!



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    Jan 12, 2005
    I just did this simple door (sorry it is a little blurry)

    Used the paint ship from Home Depot put magnets on the back. Wrote each persons name on the Mickey paint chip. Made it very easy to find our cabin.
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