What do you wish you were doing right now?

Sitting on the beach somewhere warm. Seriously, I live in Georgia and lately we have had days that have only gotten into the 60s. It's Georgia, it's late May, it should be hot. I need warmth and the sea.
Recovering from surgery. I know that sounds odd but I have been struggling with serious knee issues since December. Today was the day for my knee replacement, and boy, am I ready for it. Unfortunately I contracted a cold yesterday and when I got to pre-op today, the anesthesiologist canceled the surgery; there is just too much risk of post-op pneumonia. I haven't heard from the surgical team about the next steps yet (I get it, they were in surgery today) but the waiting is hard. I'm frustrated and unsure right now- even though I know this was the best decision. SO yeah, right now I wish I was recovering from total knee replacement surgery.


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