What do u think about the Hawthorn Suites in Lake Buena Vista??

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by fairytinkerbell, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. fairytinkerbell

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    Apr 29, 2004
    I booked the Hawthorn Suites in Lake Buena Vista. (palm parkway)
    Here is the website: http://www.hawthornsuiteslbv.com/index.html

    I still have the Hampton Inn Maingate East on hold, but will probably cancel.

    Has anyone ever stayed at the Hawthorn Suites in LBV on Palm Parkway?

    Where is Palm Parkway ?- Is this a convenient location to the parks??

    How was the breakfast?

    I am also concerned because they said that the Hawthorne Suites operator-
    can't guarantee a Non-Smoking room until check in. So we might end up w/ smoking-which would be horrible. :eek: She said since it's october, we probably don't have anything to worry about..

    Any information would be very appreciated, if you know the location and what roads I would have to navigate, would be very helpful!! :wave2:
  2. AnnaE4

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    Feb 6, 2000
    Bumping this up because I want to know, too!
  3. fairytinkerbell

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    Apr 29, 2004

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    Posts: 412 HAWTHORN >>>

    I would love to be 100% happy w/ Hawthorn but they said they only have 8 king standard rooms and who knows how many of the 8 are non-smoking....they said if someone doesn't check out when i arrive, we would be put in a smoking room... i guess do u think the worse case scenario is we stay 1 nite in smoking room and then move to non-smokng room next day?? not sure- plus we'll be out at the parks from 8am-eve..

    The only other hotel i saw in that area (LBV- beginning to like the idea of staying in LBV by DTD because of the nite life, where i think by 192 (parkway blvd) we'd be desolate; highways:moped: and such. What do you think???? :yes:

    Oh yeah, the other hotel is Country Inn in LBV, but i read on epinions.com
    that it was in a bad location, sandwiched behind a hotel and strip mall, parking issues (towing,etc.) and poorly lit parking lot (not good!) - they had breakfast, but not like hawthorn.

    The other hotel was one of the marriott village - not sure if i would like though, not sure if they have breakfst. i am very tired and sick of tryng to figure out which hotel. The reason i am doing this research is bec. the last time we visited disney, we got to ramada on i-drive, and refused to stay - very dirty, etc. and had NO HOTEL on the FIRST DAY - and no guide book, either! Had to drive all over and everyone was booked solid. Thankfully, the holiday inn on i-drive just opened up 1 room, and we took it and had to pay the first nite's stay at ramada AND
    $300 more for the week-unbudgeted!! :eek:

    THIS IS WHY i am going nuts :crazy: over this..

  4. nosanity05

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    Sep 29, 2003
    We stayed at Hawthorne Suites on Palm Parkway for 8 nights, last Sept. The rooms were spacious, and very clean. The kitchen come fully equiped, with just about anything you would need. Palm Parkway is very close to Downtown Disney, and a very short drive to the parks. The breakfast was basic, but good. They served sausages, eggs, hash browns, toast, english muffins, donuts, cereal, some fruit. The pool was kinda small, but we really weren't too concerned about that. We felt that we got a good value for the money, and we would absolutely stay there again. Hope this helps!
  5. lawgs

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    Aug 2, 2000

    why not call the hawthorn suites directly and get their take on the "nonsmoking" situation ....get the name of a manager who maybe can accomodate your request

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