what Did you wear to school in your Day??


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Sep 10, 1999
In elementary school it was “school clothes”. Not a uniform, but nicer than “play clothes”, which you would change into after school.

Basically, long pants, a shirt and shoes. No jeans, shorts or sneakers. You carried your sneakers to school and put them on for gym.

Things started loosening up by high school. Jeans and sneakers were not uncommon there. Though I don’t seem to recall shorts. Except during gym class.


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Jul 7, 2001
In Italy (grammar school) we wore a black smock/dress over our clothes, white collar and a huge bow. Each grade had it's own color bow.

Here in US - we were in public school and we could wear whatever we wanted.


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Dec 15, 2003
Colored Tee shirt with a pocket and blue jeans. My mom did an amazing job, working full time, and taking care of me, especially after my dad passed away when I was 9. But she looked at me one day and said " I didn't know that was what you were wearing to school". It wasn't a big deal, but I guess she finally noticed doing my laundry that those were the only dirty things in my hamper. I had a set of dress slacks and a couple of button up shirts, but all my shirts were colored Tee shirts with pockets and all my pants were jeans so I really didn't have any other options.


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Jun 5, 2000
I was in elementary school in the 60s and we wore dresses. Girls were only allowed to wear pants on "tumbling day" in gym.we changed into "playclothes" when we got home. Around 1970 we started wearing pants whenever we wanted and by the mid 70s we were wearing boys Levi's everywhere.


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Feb 22, 2021
Elementary school: Catholic school girl uniform! Plaid skirt, white shirt with a Peter Pan collar...
Middle school: jeans and a graphic tee... it was the early 2000s!
High school: more jeans and t-shirts but now Juicy track suits, HardTail pants (they were basically leggings), and flip flops.


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Aug 17, 2009
Whatever. No dress code or uniform. Well I'm sure there was a dress code like of some kind.
Mostly jeans and nice shirts. Child of the 80s - so neon colours, oversize shaker sweaters over pullups, etc. Sometimes skirts like Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club.


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Feb 1, 2015
No uniforms but I'm old enough that PANTS were not allowed for girls. That changed in 5 th or 6th grade!
Exception: underneath your dress or skirt in the cold months


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Apr 3, 2005
Wealthy prep school. Back to school shopping season was financially painful for my parents, but they always came through. Professional dress required (they had recently stopped requiring jackets for boys, but they still had to wear ties), and everyone wore the latest from the most expensive stores. I've always been thin and hard to fit, and it took all day to find school clothes that both met the dress code and fit in with my far richer peers.


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Feb 1, 2007
A uniform:
White button down collar shirt and a blue/green plaid "jumper" (US version of jumper -- basically a skirt with an attached top that was open on the sides (so, not a dress... you had to wear a shirt under it).
White button down collar shirt and a maroon jumper for high school.


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Sep 14, 1999
I was in elementary school from 1962-1968, so no pants for girls. We wore dresses or skirts with blouses. It gets cold in New England so I had a large collection of tights, and we were allowed to wear pants under our skirts for going to and from school- but pants went in your locker for the school day. I can't remember if we were allowed to wear pants in 7th grade, but I know by 8th grade we were allowed to, provided it was part of an "outfit" and not jeans. By the time I was in high school (10th grade, 1971) we were wearing whatever we wanted, and good luck to the administration that tried to stop us!


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Jul 24, 2013
In elementary school it was a Catholic school, so it was navy pants and blue oxford shirts, then as we got older white oxfords with ties. I went to a public high school, so whatever I wanted, but it was the 90's so, aside from jeans, that meant a lot of those shiny track suits like the mobsters wear.


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Jun 2, 2014
In grade school: dresses only, no slacks.

In high school, we had to wear dresses or skirts. They had to be long enough that when you kneeled down on the floor your skirt hit the floor. More than one girl was sent home to get into longer skirts, LOL. There were no slacks worn in HS
The boys wore black dress pants, usually button down short sleeved shirts or ban lon shirts, and black dress shoes.

Boy how times have changed! My daughter worked at the HS recently and said that now "anything goes".


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Oct 11, 2006
Grammar school was grade 1-8. Girls wore a blue plaid jumper, Peter Pan white button down shirt and blue tie. Shoes had some wiggle room. When I got to 7th grade the school changed its colors to brown plaid with yellow shirts. My high school was green plaid skirt, white button down shirt and green vest. Shoes could really be anything within reason.


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Apr 23, 2013
Elementary School was the early-late 70s. We pretty much wore whatever we wanted. The school didn't have a dress code as such; no shorts or tank tops was the only thing I recall not being allowed. I also wore a hideous blue one piece gym uniform, as did all the girls. In high school I went through my punk phase, hahaha. After that, it was shoulder pads and big hair. I got tired of not fitting in.


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Feb 16, 2011

This was pretty much exactly how I dressed and looked….with straight hair.

My kids thought I was joking till I showed them some old pictures… I even had rhe same guitar he had…actually I still have it, BC Rich Warlock.


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Jul 24, 2013
elementary was the early 80s so all i remember is those stupid stirrup pants and wearing jean skirts because that's how girls dressed. High school is more memorable and that was flare jeans that were way too long and dragged on the ground and tiny little spaghetti strap, midriff-baring tops, and I had a pair of black snakeprint pleather pants that were my absolute favorite but would be so tacky by today's standards!


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