What books or comics do you want see turn into Disney movies?

old lady

DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2007
I would like or kinda of like to see Grace Lin’s book “ Between the Mountain and the Moon” be turn into a Disney movie?


Jan 16, 2018
To be honest, no more comic books! As I've said before, I hate the fact that the Disney company owns Marvel now. Star Wars too, actually although I am a Star Wars fan to a point. There is so much more worthy material out there that they can do their magic with. Let's give superheroes and SW a rest. The market has become over saturated with all that nonsense. I'd like to see what they could do with the Peter and the Starcatcher series. The books are really good and are a different variation on the Peter Pan theme. I also think the Heroes in Training series could make some really good Disney movies. And as mentioned in a previous thread there are loads of folktales out there that have never even been touched. We need more originality and fewer reboots and sequels. That's why I'm only lukewarm on this new Lion King hype.


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