Westin villa's @ St. John USVI


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Mar 20, 2005
Would like to know if anyone has visited there and what you thought of it. Also if there is a low mid and peak season and how many points it would take for a week in a one bedroom villa pirate:


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Jan 27, 2001
I would also like to hear. I'm interesting in exchanging next summer but have heard it's difficult to get into.


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Aug 8, 2004
My parents went there in Dec 2004. Their freinds are owners and could only go one of their weeks. They gave it to my parents. They loved it. Their villa was either a 2 or 3 bedroom villa (I can't remember). The villa they had was beautiful and they had their own inground personal pool with a waterfall they could turn off/on. The pool/patio area was completely inclosed, so no one could see in. The hotel staff had to ring a dorrbell type thing to let my parents know they were there with their drinks. They raved about the resort and my mother really does not like beach vacations or Disney, but that's another topic ;) . They usually go to Europe.

She said their were tons of kids activities and lots of families They had this iceberg type thing in the ocean for kids to climb on. Some of the things she liked: when you fly into the airport at St Thomas it's not air conditioned (my mother hates that). However, Westin has it's own private "terminal" type area that IS air conditioned and when you go in they hand you a cool towel and a cold tropical drink. When you get on the Westin boat to St John, same thing. She said the food is very expensive, but she knew this prior to going down. Oh, you need a passport because if you take out one of the little boats you can ride around to all the little islands, sight see, swim, look for shells. Some of them are British owned, and signs are posted that you need a passport to get out of your boat on that island.

I can not stress how highly critical my mother is of vacation spots and hotel rooms. For example her company did a conference at Disney's CSR last fall. She went on for 30-40 minutes about what a dump the room was, how she hated the resort, thank God she was only there 4 days, etc. They ate at Boma's, she hated it. Thought the AKL was so "dark and creepy", etc. So, for her to actually rave about the Westin in St John is huge!

I bet you'd have a great time if you can get it! You can probably also see why DH and I have no plans to invite my parents on any of our DVC trips any time soon. :teeth:


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Aug 7, 2002
funny - i thought I was the only one thta didn't like Bomas!!!

I have always wanted to go to the Westin st. johns, sounds like I may have to put it on my list! Wonder how hard getting it through DVC is though!


Apr 3, 2003
I was there in January for a week. I was able to trade into a 3 bedroom villa (with private-pool) through the Starwood Vacation Ownership (SVO) program (I own at the Westin-Kierland, AZ) The resort is spread-out with the villas (Studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed) all across the street from the hotel part and beach/main pool. They had golf carts that would come around to pick you up if you wanted. The beach at the resort had murky water but the other beaches around the island were crystal-clear. We had a great trip. As a matter-of-fact we are heading back there in November as one of my cousins has chosen this resort to get married at. It is my understanding that it is very difficult to trade into since many of the owners choose to use their units themselves or they are traded into by other SVO owners before they are made available to II or RCI. I have seen rental adds on the TUG classifieds...that may be an easier route to go that trading into this resort...Good Luck :sunny: :sunny:

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