Were you a DIS person??? Teppanyaki 5/23 lunch...


DIS Veteran
Aug 7, 2003
Hi all,

I thought I'd post this here because on my trip last week, I sat next to a wonderful young woman in a wheelchair at Teppanyaki. She was wearing lime green (but so were 2/3 of the people in the park!) so I didn't ask at the time.

At any rate, if you were the woman in the lime green shirt, traveling with your husband who was sitting next to my boyfriend and I Monday, May 23 afternoon (around 12:30) at Teppanyaki, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed chatting with you and I hope you had a great trip. :sunny:

I am posting on this board because we talked a lot about accessibility at WDW and I figured if you post on the DIS you probably post on this board. :)



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