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    Apr 29, 2012
    Well I have been staring at my screen for an hour trying to think of a title. Not the best but it will have to do. As you can probably tell from the lack of the word Disney this isnt just a Disney trip, well your right. Once it was decided that we were going to Florida things just kept getting added.

    As you can also tell it is December 29 and this trip was in October yes Im a little behind. This is also my First trip report I joined also because of this trip. Im getting a little Ahead of my Self I still havent told you where we went on this trip, my bad. Well if you want to know I guess youre just going to have to follow along.

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    mickieKK18 Earning My Ears

    Apr 29, 2012
    Well in order to tell u where we went I think u need some background info.

    First the Cast​

    Me, Makayla or Kayla I prefer Kayla I’m 17
    I plan all our vacations, my mom’s not allowed to plan. I Love harry potter more than you can imagine (hint) I am a hufflepuff. Favorite Disney character was tinker bell well still kinda is but I’m in love with Perry the platypus. I’m a roller coaster freak, I love the thrill. My fav is terror of terror.I was asked a million times if that was my natural hair color so i might as well answer that now. No it is not it was just my vacation hair. [​IMG][/IMG] thats my natural color really really dark Brown

    Mom or GG, lets just say she’s in her 30’s until next year
    Biggest Ariel Fan in the world, that’s plays a big part to. Nobody loves ariel more then her. She is also a cancer survivor 10 years as of October. She loves rides and coasters but hates drops. She loves the sea a lot.

    Chica are little ugly shes 5
    No she not on the trip but she was the one thing we missed all those days

    Are first trip to Disney world was in 2008. We live in AZ and been to Disney land a few times but we cant never remember when we went. Basically are first trip 2 Florida was in 08. We also went 2 universal for a few days that’s when I saw it and heard about it, Wizarding world of harry potter. Since that moment on October 10, 2008 I’ve wanted to go there while it was open of course.

    The trip​

    Back in January we realized we needed a big trip for October. Well we both knew it was going to be a Disney Cruise. Since we had been wanting to do one since 2004 and since this would be my last chance 2 be a kid on the cruise we were doing it.

    So came the next question which one. My mom wanted the wonder but also wanted the Caribbean, basically she just wanted to go to castaway cay and I did to. She was trying to avoid it though. Although I really wanted the cruise I really wanted to go to wizarding world. That’s why we were trying to avoid Florida because we would have 2 go to harry Potter world. Eventually we gave in, Western Fantasy it was with the week b4 at universal. We had also decided to go to Sea world and Discovery Cove

    So an 8 day trip turned into 13 days yikes but wait I’m not done yet.

    It was a Hot summer night ether a Friday or Saturday I cant remember. I was in my room just on my computer probably Facebook. When cries came from the room next to me. I jumped and ran to my mom to see what was wrong. She was on the computer crying looking at the art of animation website.
    In my defense I told her about in months b4 but she said I t was ok. She said she didn’t need to go and stay at the new Ariel section.
    From her cries I knew. After she finally stopped I was looking it up and well what could I do add one more day for Ariel, story of my life

    Add 1 more day, 14 day now oh joy

    A few days after the addition I decide to try an addition of my own. I’m into aeronautics and planes and stuff like that. My top university Embry Riddle has two campuses on in AZ and one In … Wait for it Florida. So now we were also going to Daytona Beach yay.
    So sometime during that time we started talking or something I can’t remember but plans stated changing and we decided we wanted to go into the parks and stay a few extra days at Disney world instead of 1. We also decide it was best to have a full day at Daytona so it would be two nights at Daytona.

    So are week long trip just kept adding get my title now lol. Final day count.
    Drum roll please …

    19 days yay

    Final Itinerary​

    Oct. 16 - 18 Daytona Beach
    Oct. 18 – 23 lowes Royal Pacific, sea world and Discovery Cove also
    Oct. 23 – 26 Disney World, art of Animation
    Oct. 26 – 27 MCO Hyatt
    Oct. 27 – Nov. 3 DCL Fantasy western Cruise

    Now that all that was done all we had to do was wait and pack easy enough.
    I know I’ve missed a lot but o well. In the end it was a pretty crazy trip. Stay tuned I’ll try to update daily

    Up next: Packing and Goodbyes
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    Dec 26, 2012
    Hi there! I'm Emily! I was beginning to feel a bit of a youngin' around here (being 19 myself), so its nice to see a TR from another young person!

    I've never been on a Disney cruise so I'm excited to hear about that. I'll sub to stay posted! :cool1:

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