We'll Do It In October! A Fun, Fall, Food & Wine Festival Trip Report

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    Welcome to my October 2012 Trip Report!

    My name is Megan, and while I am a bit better known on the Dining Review boards I thought it would be fun to do a trip report for once!

    So what is the meaning of my TR title? Well, "We'll do it in October" has become a bit of a slogan in my family. You see, in 2006 we started visiting WDW in the fall and discovered it is one of the best times of year to go. That being said, we often visit more than once a year and I can be guilty of scheduling a *little* bit too much for us each trip :blush:

    During our August 2008 trip we were thwarted by Tropical Storm Fay....she stayed and stayed for 5 days and I swear by the end of the trip we chanted "Fay...Fay...Go Away!"

    As a result of Fay, we had to put off a lot of plans. We had a trip planned for Oct 2008 and "We'll do it in October!" become a daily statement. By the end of the trip, the list of things to accomplish in October was laughable!

    So now, whenever we have to change plans at WDW we turn to each other, smirk and say "We'll do it in October!"


    October 7th - 13th 2012


    Disney's Coronado Springs Resort


    Megan :tinker: I am 27 years old, and I have been to WDW more than 50 times. I was a marketing writer by profession and now I am an MBA student at a University in Toronto. I love to read, travel, take photos (particulary of food) and write dining reviews.
    Favorite parks: Magic Kingdom and Epcot
    Favorite rides: Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Soarin, Tower of Terror
    Favorite restaurants: Victoria & Albert's, California Grill, Jiko and Les Chefs de France

    DMom ::MinnieMo DMom has been to WDW more than 50 times as well. She works for her family business. She is the organized one in our family, and you will often hear DDad and I asking her where *insert item here* is :rotfl: At the same time, she is the most easy going person in the world and lets me take over the planning of the family vacations.
    Favorite park: Epcot
    Favorite rides: Haunted Mansion, Impressions de France
    Favorite restaurants: Victoria & Albert's, California Grill & Jiko

    DDad :eeyore: DDad has also been to WDW more than 50 times. He is an independent financial advisor. He is my partner in crime when it comes to travel, and is always willing to book/plan another trip. He also enjoys "challenging" me by asking me to obtain impossible dining reservations with little notice :rolleyes2
    Favorite park: Epcot
    Favorite ride: Pirates of the Caribbean, Soarin
    Favorite restaurants: Victoria & Albert's, California Grill, Jiko and Les Chefs de France


    I am on fall break from school, and this trip is celebrating my parent's wedding anniversary and DMom's birthday.


    Sunday, October 7th
    Early morning flight from BUF - MCO (stopping in ORD)
    Noon arrival in Orlando
    Check-in Coronado Springs
    Epcot in the evening

    Monday, October 8th
    Magic Kingdom

    Tuesday, October 9th
    Magic Kingdom

    Wednesday, October 10th
    Animal Kingdom

    Thursday, October 11th
    Disney's Hollywood Studios
    Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Friday, October 12th
    Magic Kingdom

    Saturday, October 13th
    Early morning departure from MCO

    I'll try my best to post live updates! In all liklihood this will be a photo-heavy and text-light report! You can also follow me on twitter @meganhuntley as I will be providing live updates there :)
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    Have a safe trip!!:goodvibes
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    May 30, 2012
    I'm in!! :thumbsup2 Have a wonderful trip pixiedust:

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