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    Aug 22, 2006
    Hello. I used to belong to weight watchers until 2012. They had the point system plus the addition weekly points and unlimited fruits and veggies. It worked great for me and I lost a lot of weight rather quickly. Well life happened the last 4years and the weight found me. I wanted to go back to we but more than 1person has told me its not the same and they don't like the new plan. Can I get opinions from current or previous members of the newer version?
    Thank you
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    Aug 25, 2005
    They do have a new plan. Things that used to be lower in points are now higher. They are big on the no sugar thing and I believe this is the reason why things are higher in points. I go to a meeting every Saturday morning and have been struggling lately with water weight. The big thing now is "Beyond the Scale" which is hard to do. They want people to not focus on the number on the scale but how you feel. That is also hard for me because for 45 dollars a month I want that number on the scale to go down.
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    Nov 30, 2007
    I joined at the end of August. I love the new plan. I was a member before, a couple years ago and didn't do nearly as well as this time. I love the new plan. I have lost 19 pounds so far. I can see why people had to transition to the new plan might not like it because their treats probably went way up in points. I think it's very sensible and the new point system naturally steers you toward healthier foods. I read not so good reviews that caused me to think about if for months. I wish I would have joined sooner. :)

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    Jan 30, 2010
    I am looking at it as well because I need to get back to reality and lose some weight. My friend has been on for a little while and she has lost a few lbs, but has said it is much tougher for her this time around. It makes sence why they changed the points but she says it is harder to come up with meaks besides the fruit and veg stuff.

    She said if you eat processed or packaged stuff it is easier but if like me everything is usually homemade, including treats, mash pot, stir fry, casseroles...it is tougher.

    I am looking for more reviews about that.
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    Jan 15, 2008
    I joined WW on January 6. This is my 3rd time. I made Life time twice. This time I have to do it for health reasons. Sure, the points are different that 2 years. But that plan was different than when I first joined in 1998. WW is always tweaking the program. I like this program. The 9 can chili used to be 1 point and it is now 5. But at one time I only got 21 points and on this plan I get 30. So, I figure it all evens out. I lost 3 lbs my first week. When you join, be sure and check out "Connect". There is a lot of information on there from fellow WW members.

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