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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by nannylori, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. nannylori

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    Aug 25, 2000
    We left Coki Beach around 3:15 and it was plenty of time to get back to the ship,shower and change for dinner. It was going to be our first show in Animators Palate because Sunday was formal/Master chefs night,so no show then. I was really excited. You hear about stuff like this for months, so you can just imagine how thrilling it is when the time finally arrives. We were trying to see which one of us at the table would spot which part of the room changed color first. Me, with my short term memory/cognitive problems, was driving the whole table crazy by picking out the same things over and over again. I was thisclose to being tied to the chair with a napkin stuffed in my mouth.Once the show got going, it was great. I was in awe of how it was like a mini show. I was expecting just things turning to color, but it was eventually a show. I was amazed at my own reaction. It wasn't really emotionally moving in any way in it's presentation, but I still felt myself close to tears, eyes really filling up at the end of the show. I was really moved by it all, but I can't explain why. Just like as we pulled away from the dock for the first time. There's a combustion of excitement and emotion and even someone like me, who has the reputation of being solid and in control, still loses it over the most unusual things.I told the table, once they allowed me to speak again, that this is exactly what makes this cruise more special than any other cruise. Everywhere else, you just sit and eat. Here, you even get a show. Words can't describe how lucky I felt that we were there at that time. It was another Disney moment in time that was unique. I also reminded everyone that this was our third cruise(first two on RCL), and this was the only cruise where I carried my camera with me always, even to dinner. There were constant magical moments,even when you eat. You can't say that about alot of vacations.I think we went to the Magic Show that evening,which I know it seems alot of people didn't like. It was enjoyable.I felt that I was on vacation, just had a great meal,so just entertain me, throw a show at me and I'm happy. DS really loved it and DH stayed awake for most of it,which that alone, would give it a good review! DS wanted to top off the evening back in the lab, so we went to Sessions for a quiet end to the evening.By then, we felt as if we had packed as much as people can into one day.SNUBA,swimming,aquarium,Animators Palate and a show. I love this ship!!!!
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    Mar 2, 2001
    Thank you so much for the great report. I know that besides my camera, I'll be one of the people carrying a box of tissues. I can cry at the drop of a poor DH and DS!:smooth:

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