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    Will WDW hold wedding ceremonies for same sex couples? Its legal here in NY, but our dream is to get married in the world. Also...besides the traditional wedding type ceremonies...which restaurants or any other suggested locations allow us to have a dinner type reception, and perhaps a welcome dessert part or cocktail type thing? I don't know where to start planning! I'm not the girly frilly type person, when it comes to this, but would love any input on where to begin! What I DO know is that we love WDW more than any place in the world, it's where we proposed to each other. I like possibly sunset pointe at the poly, (we like sunsets and beachy type locations). Also, is it customary to pay for any portion of the guests resort or food or tickets? I don't know the "correct" thing to do?! I'd love to do it January '14 possibly. Is it too late at this point to want a wedding date then? I would like any and all help and suggestions please!!
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    I'm sorry no one has responded to you yet - I know how excited I was to get started and needed answers ASAP! This particular part of the board is for our planning journals - basically like a blog or paper journal where we keep all the details of our plans. For general questions, it's better to post directly in the "Disney Weddings and Honeymoons" forum. But I'll go ahead and answer!
    Yes! They are very accommodating to same sex couples. For all of your other questions, I definitely recommend Carrie Hayward's book: PassPorter's Disney Weddings & Honeymoons
    You can get it at the passporter website. It's the best $8.95 I ever spent! The ebook is available immediately for downloading.
    It has budget worksheets plus explains everything you could possibly need to know!

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