Weather, crowds around Thanksgiving?


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Jun 18, 2001
Can anyone fill me in? I might surprise my husband and do a quick trip...he is kind of antsy to get back to Disney and with all the stuff we have going on for the next two years it isn't looking promising. :( If I could work it in over Thanksgiving we might be able to swing it :)

What kind of clothes would you pack for this timeframe?


DIS Veteran
Mar 28, 2001
It is usually very nice. The evening can be cool but we usually just take a jacket. The kids often swim in the afternoon, although I prefer it be warmer. At least one year it was hot enough for us all to enjoy a day at the water park. We take shorts, jeans, a jacket. Then just layer if it gets cool. Since you are coming from a cooler climate it will feel great! :D

aunt kelly

DIS Veteran
Sep 28, 2000
We went to DWD over Thanksgiving in 2000 and 2003. The weather was wonderful both times. We were shorts during the day and jackets at night. Both times we were able to swim. The crowds are heavy, but manageable if you plan well. The long lines aren't as bad when the weather is nice. The Christmas decorations are up at Thanksgiving and they are beautiful. It's a fun time to go, but prepare yourself for long lines!


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