We saved$$ on tickets with FedEx employee discount


Oct 19, 1999
I just wanted to make sure FedEx employees knew about the discount available on tickets. From what I have been able to find out, there is not discount on resort stays but the ticket savings is substantial. I don't have all the numbers, but I do know that DH ordered 2 5-Day Adult Hoppers for $392 (196$) each. They only discount the 4-Day and 5-Day Hopper and the 1-Day/1-Park tickets. I know we won't use all five days but the savings was too great. Also, the letter that accompanied the tickets stated that you can bring your FedEx ID and use it to gain access to the Space Mt. longue and priority access to riding Space Mountain!!! They Fedexed the tickets to us and we got them the next day! Hope this helps someone.

He ordered through the company's internal internet, and I'm sure the Human Resource manager would know what to do to order them.


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