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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by louisaho, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. louisaho

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    May 11, 2001
    wow, it is amazing, i have stayed in GF before in suite. but this time i want to save money, and i got the rate of 49.00 in pop.
    i was in room 1270, this is in the lady and the tramp building, facing the pool with fridge in the room, since this is handicap room.
    the room is clean, our roomkeeper always cleaned the room before 10am. she used our toy to decorate our room.
    the pool is a bit crowd though, and sicne we were near the pool, we could listen to the music from the pool.
    one thing that i don't really appreciated is the noise from the other room. i can tell you that i can listen every single word of their conversation.

    i was there during hurricane frances, on sat, they had to close everything, theme park, even everything pop...
    we were so boring in the room, but disney resort channel kept playing different disney movie including brother bear, and the new mickey film, nemo, monster inc.. :bounce: . and the guest service from POP would leave us up-to-date info regardings hurricane, reopening of parks and everything pop to our voicemail and they also send us some letters regarding security measures.
    overall, i felt very safe staying in disney hotel, on that night (hurricane),i had no difficult to sleep at all, i did n't hear any window cracking or antyhign like that. :sunny:

    and pop also offered us hurricane special price since our flight got cancelled.
    the staff in everything pop is also super nice, the food offering is good, espcially the frozen coke in the food court. (don't forget to get urself a mug for 11.95)

    the parking lot, no problem for me at all, i think i was in 50s building, something i might need to park a car a bit further, but comparing to parking the car in MGM, i think pop parking is closer too.

    in conclusion, the only thing that i dislike is really the noise from our roomate.
    and i will come back to pop, you pay cheap but you never feel like value :wave2:
  2. jarestel

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    Oct 24, 2003
    Yes, paying $49.00 a night vs $400.00 a night does have a tendency to inspire a lot of love for a resort.

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