We have made over 20 replica pieces from the Haunted Mansion


The Imagine Ears
Oct 1, 2017
Welcome Foolish Mortals!

My daughter and I run a blog showcasing our creative endeavors. She wants to be an imagineer when she grows up. Each year we host a Haunted Mansion themed Halloween party for the neighborhood kids. We have made over 20 unique replicas of various aspects of the Haunted Mansion. Each was made with a DIY mindset and from readily available materials, and with designed with an approach that most moderate crafters could do. The average cost of most builds is around $30-40, with some getting up to $50. Some are static pieces others involve light up effects and projects.

Rather then list all the steps and supplies I thought I would link to a page I created that has detailed instructions, with work in progress shots, and links to places to buy supplies at our blog. https://imagineears.blog/our-haunted-mansion/

Here is a small graphic that has some of the pieces we have made

Thanks, enjoy, and have a Happy Halloween.

The Imagine Ears
  • sneakycat

    Earning My Ears
    Apr 19, 2018
    That is impressive! Thanks for sharing!

    Have you ever given thought to making (and doing instructions for) the statue heads that follow you?

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