We got the Marriott Cypress Harbour 2bdrm for $157 pn


May 27, 2001
We tentatively booked the Marriott Cypress harbour for $157.00
per night/ 2bdroom - June 30th - July 5th... We only need one bedroom, but now we may
ask our inlaws to join us..(Right now its just my husband and I)..

I was definitely going to choose the Marriott Grande Vista and the lowest price
I could get was $174.00 per night for 1 bedroom, but for $157.00 per night with 2
bedrooms why not....I hear they are both very nice, and the Vista is a newer property.

We like staying in villas or condos when we can, because of the space they provide and we
are able to stock up the kitchen with goodies, to save on eating out so much!

Has anyone stayed at Cypress harbour recently? Is it still as nice as the photos!!
That is a good rate, the lowest I could find for that resort was $185 a night. We have not gone there yet, and I just changed my reservations to the Vistana Villages because it was $135 a night for a two bedroom and it looked almost as nice in the pictures and everyone on the board has seemed to love the Villages. The Villages are newer than the V.resort.
Anyway, I got my rate at hotelkingdom.com.
Good luck!:p
We enjoyed our stay last February at Marriott Cyprus Harbour, it's clean and the grounds are nice. Try a search on this board there have been a number of great posts regarding this property.
lex.carter, I just checked out the Vistana Village on hotelkingdom.com and that is a great rate...$135 for a 2 BR villa, plus they are running a promotion where you get the 7th night free! That makes it even better, that drops the rate to $114, pretty good! But I was wondering if you have to do a TS presentation for that free night, do you know?

Anyway, if not, louise1928 I would check out the Vistana.

:wave: Hi, Mercy:

No, there is no TS presentation for that rate. If you DO do the TS presentation they offer you $100.
Hi Robin, well that makes the V.V. a pretty good deal then! Too bad I'm not going to Florida this year or I might be tempted to stay there, oh well, maybe next year :)
We have stayed at Cypress Harbour twice and Grande Vista twice. Cypress Harbour is our favorite!! It's not as new as GV, but the grounds are beautifully landscaped and they have lots of activities. All the condos are 4 storey and surround a man-made lake. It's such a beautiful place--you'll love it. We're going back again this spring. Our first choice by far.


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