We got an invite from Disney for breakfast at the ESPN Zone yesterday!

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    Nobody could tell me exactly how I got the invite, but I'm glad I did! We went up to Denver and they provided us with a free buffet breakfast (cereals, muffins, fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, french toast, juice, milk, and coffee). They had activities like family trivia contests and dancing. All the kids got free sticker packages. They had 3 big prizes...a skateboard won by a little boy and two iPod Nano's won by 2 dads. At the end they showed tonight's show of Zeke and Luther. Then everyone got Zeke and Luther backpacks, Zeke and Luther t-shirts, and a Disney XD waterbottle (the new safe "green" ones). To wrap it up, each person got a game card for the ESPN Zone arcade! Oh, they even comped the parking.

    I dunno how my name got on the list, but I have to say, "Thank you, Disney!" My boys got a kick out of getting invited to a Father's Day celebration...their dad isn't involved in our lives. It was fun, fun, fun!
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    That does sound fun!!!

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