We don't like "fancy" food - will we like anything??


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Jun 24, 2000
We are really a meat and potatoes kind of family. Will we find anything to eat at the restaurants? Can you get the food with the sauce on the side? I realize that we won't starve on the cruise but I would also like to be able to enjoy the food in the nice restaurants and I'm not sure I can do that by looking at the menus.:eek:


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Apr 21, 2000
SURE, you'll like lots of what is offered, it really is NOT "haute cuisine". And keep in mind that if nothing appeals to you on the menu they offer steak and grilled chicken breast (with baked potato and veggies) EVERY night at dinner. But do try some of the menu items...the waiters will happily bring you a different entree if you don't like what you have. :)


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Jan 11, 2001
Hi Leigha,
My husband is also a meat and potatoes guy, infact he ordered steak every night. There are plenty of meat dishes. Barb has a great site with lots of menus at this link www.castawayclub.com

By the way my husband does not like sauces either. Just plain grilled steak hold the sauce.

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    Aug 4, 2001
    and the woman at the next table had this incredible steak. Ikatu asked DH if he wanted the steak. Duh, DH said yes but just the steak. Well, next thing we saw was a full dinner of the steak and DH had two meals that night. We couldn't imagine all the waste but it represents the type of service you are provided with. When desert came we couldn't decide so he brought us each. EACH desert for EACH of DH and I!

    Don't worry about meals - they'll cater to your every whim. (Don't forget the tums though.)

    Kim ºOº


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    May 19, 2001

    I had to laugh when I read your post. Before our first Disney Cruise, this was one of my biggest fears. I had 4 kids with me....2 of them were big, teenage boys...who eat like you cannot believe. My husband has a HUGE appetite. All of us are real "meat and potatoe" eaters. No fancy sauces or dishes for us. I was really concerned that they would all hate the food.

    Not to worry, everyone was very happy. There was always something for everyone. We often chose appetizers or deserts right off the kids menu. You won't believe how accomodating your servers will be!!! One night our server brought us a dish that we were sure we wouldn't like. He just put it out on the table, we tried it and loved it. That helped everyone be a little more adventurous with our ordering. However, even if you decide not to be a little more daring, you will find PLENTY to eat!!!!

    Don't worry!!!!



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    Apr 28, 2001
    We sailed in July with myself, DH41, DD15 and DM69. Myself and DD15 enjoyed trying the different kinds of foods on the menu. I have even tried to duplicate some of the dishes at home.

    DH and DM are another story....DH is very fussy and will usually never try anything new. He tried but wasn't happy with the menus in any of the resturants. He said the food was good, just not his type. DM didn't like the food either, I told her she is just getting harder to please in her advancing age. LOL

    When we sail next time myself and DD will be going to the resturants by ourselves and DH and DM will be ordering room service or hitting the burgers, pizza and chicken places that are available on deck.


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    Nov 27, 2001
    One wonderful aspect of the food service on the cruise that we enjoyed was - "if it's not on the menu, just ask, because the chef wants you to be happy!!!!!" For example, my kids enjoyed the mac and cheese one evening, and the next evening at a different restaurant, it wasn't on the menu. When they asked the waiter about it, he said "no problem" and they got their mac and cheese. So...just ask. Also, the burgers and fries by the pool are very, very good!
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    Jul 12, 2001
    Be sure to tell your servers the first night about your families food preferences. I told ours that my two favorites were chicken and chocolate. He made sure I had both at each meal. Also, we let our asst server know about our drink preferences and each night our kids had chocolate milk set in front of them and I had a diet coke within 1 minute of sitting down. On the last day of our cruise they ran out of chocolate milk, so they made our kids chocolate milk using chocolate syrup (if you keep our kids happy, you get $$ in your tip envelope). They knew DH liked to try the nightly drink specials, so they were sure to come by quickly to tell him about them. Remember, you can also order off the kids menu or have an appetizer as a dinner entree. My cruise is never complete without ordering a Mickey Ice Cream Bar. Trust me, they will cater to your every dining whim. Also, one piece of advice I learned off this board, follow the servers recommendations. Only twice on our 2 cruises did we stray and DH and I swear those were the only 2 meals we didn't care for.


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