We. Are. CHUNKY! DISBoards Epic Girls Trip May 2019 THE END! Epilogue: Dream Cruise, Club 33 and a new TR!


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May 27, 2009
We. Are. CHUNKY!!
DISBoards Epic Girls Trip May 2019
Epcot Flower and Garden, May the 4th, and all things EPIC

Hi everyone!! Su-Lynn here, aka Chunkymonkey! Although I have now dubbed myself Princess Chunkymonkey, because, well, why not?


L to R: ChunksySis, Me: Su-Lynn, and DH: Chubby Hubby a.k.a. Steve

I just got back home from what was the most amazing Disney-filled 2-week trip at the most magical place on earth. Joining me was my DH, Steve, my sister, Chunkysis (Su-Queen) and oh about 30 or so of my Disboard friends...who are now family!
Because Ohana means Chunky, right? :cutie:

This trip was planned over several months and was so Epic we even had to have our own logo and buttons:

Our trip dates were from April 27-May 11 (for Steve and myself). We also had a 4-night Disney Dream cruise thrown in there as well! Chunkysis (who from now on will be known as CS) was there from April 30 to May 6th. Everyone else arrived and departed around those dates as well. Our group was the largest the weekend of May 3-5 where we had some epic group events!
Check out our PTR for our planning deets!

Here was everyone who was part of our group at some point or another:
@pepperandchips, @fallonkendra , @Elevationist , @IowaTater , @Lesley Wake , @buzzrelly , @ArielSRL , @ariane37 , @kastoney , @paradesintherain , @disneyAndi14 , @StarWarsMomofGirls! , @LindseyJo22 ,@missjackiemcg , @Jenny Sanders , @Steppesister , @Malia78 , @Mollydolly334 , @Pluto0809, @Chrystmasangel , @cinderkelly , @MissMaryQC , @amalone1013

We also had some other DISmeets with @pkondz and @docsoliday1 , @jedijill , and @AMusicLifeForMe

I even ran into some people who read our reports on the DISboards and stopped to say hi, thank you for doing so and thank you so much for reading! :wave2:

Here we are at one of our Epic group meals: Dinner at 'Ohana!

And brunch at everyone's favorite: California Grill

We also did an epic eat and drink around the world at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival

And oh maybe a VIP tour thrown in somewhere:

Oh but no "Steves" are allowed, so why is he here?

A few other spouses tagged along. I'm sure they all had a good time. I mean, someone had to carry the bags and fetch us water (drinks), right? :littleangel:

(Steve doing the Chunkydump, a new posed coined by @Steppesister)

We definitely had our share of pixie dust on this trip, and I wasn't the only one. There were plenty of people who had some amazing dust that week too, and I'm sure they will share in their TRs! Speaking of TRs, all Epic Trip ladies are welcome to chime in on my TR and post your own photos and details as I know not everyone will be doing their own TRs.

I really miss my epic Chunky family and hope to re-live the trip in this TR!

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you here!
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May 27, 2009
Cast of Chunky Characters

Hi I'm Su-Lynn and most of you know me by Chunkymonkey on the DISboards or just plain ol' Chunky, LOL. I'm 43-years-old or in Disney years, Forever 21. :) I love everything Disney and I also love to eat so combine the two on one Epic trip with Disney-loving ladies and it was a dream come true! I also love Marvel and Star Wars, and I am one of those people who think it's pretty great they can get a trifecta dose of everything under the Disney umbrella. My favorite rides are the Chunkymover, I mean the Peoplemover; BTMRR, 7DMT, FoP, SDD, TSM, RnRC...ok the list goes on and on. I don't do some of the big drop rides like ToT and EE, and I don't do many water rides but we visited Typhoon Lagoon for the first time in years and I must say that it was a fabulous time! I work in IT in real-life as a Business Analyst which mean I write A LOT at work but it's more fun to be writing TRs than technical documentation so that's why I'm here...about 17 TRs later, writing about the most Epic Disney trip of all!! :)

My younger sister, Su-Queen, aka Chunkysis, our dedicated character locator and picture-lover. She may be more well-known than me because of her coordinating outfits and bows. In fact, I regularly got this comment: "Your TRs are great, but your sister is SOOO CUTE!" (which was another contender for a TR title, LOL). She is 38 years old and works at a custom printing store in New York City, but she also has her own Etsy site where she sells her handmade cards. I think she may even be selling some mousekeeping envelopes in the future!

My DH, Steve, aka Chubby Hubby, also 43 years old, slightly more mature than me although sometimes I think he acts like a small child. He comes along on all my Disney trips because he really loves it too although he won't admit it and says everything is my idea (which it is). He likes all the thrill rides and loves Disney Cruising. He also holds Gaston on a pedastal. He loves to garden and BBQ, and do all sorts of DIY stuff. He was disappointed that this year they did not have seminars at the Flower and Garden festival but that is because they are renovating festival center and there really isn't any room to hold them right now! He is also been known to eat a ton of 'Ohana shrimp and he didn't disappoint on this trip.

We all hail from the garden state of New Jersey, although Steve is originally from California and Su-Queen and myself grew up in New York City.

Chunky Names

It would be too long to fit every else's intro here so you can read about all of them in our Epic PTR, but during this trip I gave everyone a "Chunky" name! Some of them I thought about before, some of them came up on the trip, some people chose their own name, and some of them are a derivative of their username!
@Lesley Wake (Lesley) = Chunkylander beause she is my Disneyland guru and there can only be one, like Highlander
@Steppesister (Liesa) = Chunkydump ok Liesa brought this upon herself and the name stuck. It's also a great dance move, you should ask her to to show you some time. :) Her mom came along for some of the trip and I called her Chunkysteppemom
@missjackiemcg (Jackie) = Chunkylite because of her love of Miller lite
@Malia78 (Karilynn) = Chunkytraveler because she loves to travel around the world! Her boyfriend who surprised her on the trip has been named Chunkytramp after Lady and the Tramp
@Mollydolly334 (Molly) = Chukybaby because she's the youngest and cutest!!
@disneyAndi14 (Caroline) = Chunkyandi because she travels to Disney with her DD Andi all the time so I thought she should be represented on Epic trip too!
@Elevationist (Billie) = Chunkywheels which she coined herself. :)
@IowaTater (Sarah) = Chunkytater which is just the cutest name ever
@Pluto0809 (Ariana) = Chunkypluto because of her love of all things Pluto!
@ariane37 (Ariane) = Chunkyballs because she's just, well, ballsy! Ariane will now be known as Chunkysquared. You'll have to ask her why. Her DH Steve is Chunkyminer because he loves 7DMT
@kastoney (Kari) = Chunkylush this one was agreed upon by everyone and I think anyone can figure out why. We've also bestowed Chunky names on her DD Casey (Chunkystinkbutt) and her DH Jason (Chunkychef)
@buzzrelly (Kelly) = Chunkybuzzy because I thought it was a cute derivative of her username!
@fallonkendra (Fallon) = Chunkypuck because she's Canadian and her DH Luke is Chunkyducksinlove which is the name he chose!
@ArielSRL (Renee) = Chunkyneenee (accent on the e, pronounced nay nay) because I've always wanted to call someone nay nay! Her DH Chad is Chunkychad but I may change it to Chunkyradio.
@pepperandchips (Melinda) = Chunkypepper which is totally appropriate given her love for food and drink. Her DH "R" is Chunky-R which I like to pronounce Chunkierrrr or Chunky-ARRR depending on if you're a pirate or not. :)
@paradesintherain (Kara) = Chunkyparades which is such a fun name. Her dad came along for the trip and so he was given the name Chunkyparadedad!
@Jenny Sanders (Jenny) = Chunkysanders and her DH is ChunkyJoe!
@Chrystmasangel (Jen) = Chunkyangel for being an angel and blessing me and Lesley with the most amazing gifts.
@LindseyJo22 (Lindsey) = Chunkyrunner because she's always doing the Run Disney races! I want to be able to do a half one day!
@MissMaryQC (Mary) = Chunkyfree and her sister is Chunkykat! Although I should maybe call Mary Chunkysyrup. It's a great story!
@StarWarsMomofGirls! (Ariella) = Chunkysaucy because it's just so fun and makes me hungry, LOL.
@cinderkelly (Kelly) = Chunkyrub because she owns a spa and offered us all backrubs :)

and for those not "officially" part of the Epic Girls Trip but who we met up with at some points during our trip:

@pkondz = Chunkykondz
@docsoliday1 = Chunkydoc
@amalone1013 = I'm going to call her Chunkyliner because we seriously keep bumping into each other in line for rides!
@jedijill = Chunkyjedi which is just about the coolest name ever.
@AMusicLifeForMe = Chunkylocal Because he is now local to WDW in Florida!

and someone very special...let's just call this person "Chunkydust" as in "pixie dust", for giving us and me some very special treats on this trip. :)
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