We are back....a brief rundown

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  1. tetley02

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    Aug 23, 2007
    We are back, got back about 2 hours ago. I did say that as I didnt really enjoy it last year, if it wasnt up to much this year then I knew it wouldnt be worth going back.


    It was a fab few days, I did enjoy it, but I would not go again with company, I will go with just the two of us. you can't please everyone!

    We got there late on sundayt night so couldnt have any time in the parks that night.

    On Monday morning, I had to drag my daughter kicking and screaming down main street, if there is anyone who uses this board who was there at around half 8/9pm monday morning, they most definitley would have heard her. I was walking down main street while she was attempting to push me back out, shouting NO, NO, NO, i want to go back to the hotel, take me back, over and over as she was terrified of the halloween decorations. I persevered and the result was lots of photos near the decorations.

    Tuesday we had cafe mickey, I actually preferred my daughters kids meal of pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce over what I had, she didnt eat it, so I did! We were seated in the new extension bit, so felt left out of the atmosphere a bit and was a little disappointed as they didnt play the happy birthday song when they brought my dd's birthday cake out, they just played some music and kept shouting happy birthday, 10 mins later they brought a cake out for another child and they had the proper birthday song playing, my dd didnt realise why she got a birthday cake *** there wasnt much fuss made!

    Wednesday, my dd was chosen at the rope drop to open the pirates of the carribean ride, she had to keep a treasure chest safe we got on the first boat all to ourselves, when it went round she got to open the treasure chest and had 2 huge chocolate coins, we are keeping them as a reminder as she cant eat chocolate. She was then made an honorary pirate for the day, and got a fast pass to wear round her neck for the pirates of the carribean ride, she could ride as many times as she liked without having to queue up.

    A bit of an issue later that day, there was a scrum for characters in their halloween costumes, and a man, stepped on another childs foot, then hit my dd in the face, she had the imprint of his ring on her cheekbone. i didnt know what to do, I couldnt pick him out if I saw him again so did nothing about it but I am still foaming about that.

    We did the character birthday meal, it was in the lucky nugget saloon, and all I can say is save your money on that, there was, donuts, choc chip cakes, and a few other types of cakes, and sweets to eat, that was it, I know I have read that in plaza gardens they have had a few savoury things. It wasnt just the food though, the atmosphere was terrible, they could have had a bit music playing in the background but there was nothing.

    Last day, only had time to do a few rides, then went to do some shopping. I think there was a left luggager incident at CDG airport as when we arrived in the mini bus everyone was out of the terminal, when we eventually got in there were huge queuse for check in. Security was so unorganised.

    Overall as i say, i would go again, my daughter has alot of sensory problems and had major sensory overload in the park this time and often cried to go back to the hotel *** it got a bit to muc, so maybe I would do it in another 18 months or so and try and save for the disneyland hotel so it is possible to take her there for a chill out time. If she gets her dla still then this would be possible.

    My dd loves tower of terror, she thinks it is fab that her bum didnt even touch the seat, she proudly told one of them men in uniform that it wasnt scary at all and then she asked if she could get her photo taken with him! We went on that ride 5 times!

    The halloween parades are great.

    I will do a better report when I have more time, but that was my brief rundown.
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    Jun 3, 2007
    Hi tetley,

    I'm glad to hear, even with the problems this time, that you are still contemplating giving DLRP another go, and that your daughter enjoyed her trip so much :goodvibes .

    We were are CDG on Wednesday between 6pm and 7.30pm, there were calls that whole time in terminal 1 for someone who had left an unattended bag outside one of the exits. They then announced that they had cordoned that whole area off, and exits/entrances all around it.
  3. gemmybear83

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    Dec 13, 2007
    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself more than the last time.

    I can't believe that man who hit your daughter :scared1: the poor little thing hope she was ok!! I would like to think security at disney is pretty good and I hope they saw him and chucked him out :thumbsup2

    Its a shame everyone is having these problems with the tea parties hopefully it is just teething problems though!
  4. Cyrano

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    Oct 23, 2004
    Glad to hear that your overall experience was a good one :)
  5. PJackson

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    Nov 8, 2007
    Glad to hear you are back safely. Sorry to hear of the problems you had - I must admit it was fairly quiet when we went but still felt busy at times (esp around some of the characters) - I can imagine it can be quite scarey at busy times - not nice!

    Glad you enjoyed it overall though :thumbsup2

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