WDW Youth Group Ticket Pricing/ What Qualifies?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by TheLittleRoo, May 26, 2008.

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    I stumbled onto a paragraph on Mousesavers.com that addressed Group Tickets for WDW. The way I read it, a group of 10 people or more count as a group and you can buy a 5 day MYW Hopper + WPM ticket for $222 incl tax. With that block of 10 tickets, you get two free adult chaperone tickets. Kids are defined as K-12 on Disney's website for this promotion.

    Additionally, you can buy one to one ratio of adult tickets at the youth rate for addtl chaperones. No where in the WDW web pages did it say you had to be an organized youth group (ie, HS, church, etc.) just a group of youth and chaperones. Your trip must be before 9/28/08 to be eligible.

    Does anyone know if a group of kids from a family & friends would qualify? Has anyone ever arranged a youth group trip to Disney and can comment? I know between my sisters and I, we have 10 kids and 8 adults. Would that count?
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    The group ticket discount is for established youth groups such as the Boy Scouts, church youth groups, high school bands, etc. It is not intended for the use of larger family groups seeking a discount. Proof of the group's status as youth educators is required.
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    That's completely incorrect. It very clearly states:


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