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    Apr 7, 2004
    Has anyone ever used the Kennels at WDW? Our toy poodle will be coming with us on this trip. She only joined our family last August and my sons, refuse to leave her with Grandma.

    I was wondering what the WDW facilities are like and if anyone had used them before?

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    Apr 16, 2003
    but I do know that you are responsible for "walking" them..

    which means that you - and the boys:) - would have to leave the parks to tend to her...would they change their minds about it if they knew that?

    And I don't think pets are permitted at WDW Resorts - except for assistance animals...someone correct me if I'm wrong:)

    Not much help, was I?:)

    Deb Willis's site probably has some info on this...I'll try to find it and post the link:)

    Kennels - Pet care facilities are located at the Ticket and Transportation Center.

    Kennels - 407-824-6568
    Daily boarding of pets is available for $6 per pet at TTC, Epcot®, the Disney-MGM Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom®, and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. All kennels offer overnight boarding - $11 per pet for day guests and $9 for resort guests. Feeding is available for both day and overnight boarding, but guests are required to walk and exercise their pets. Guests are referred to an Orlando clinic if veterinary help is needed. NOTE: Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground guests may keep their pets with them if they have booked a special pet site (limited availability). The charge is $5 per day per site. If desired, these guests may board their pets at the kennel during the day for $6 per day. Kennel hours for Fort Wilderness are 7am - 8pm.
    The Kennel at EPCOT has added a dog walking service for $2.50 per walk. Day Guests must walk their dogs two times a day (either by the Epcot Kennel personnel or by the pet's owner). Overnight Guests must walk their dogs three times a day (either by the Epcot Kennel personnel or by the pet's owner).

    Directly from www.allearsnet.com



    And this...can you tell my computer skills are getting better!!;)
    With the exception of guide and service dogs, none of the Disney resorts allow pets in the rooms. There are a few campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground that allow Guests to keep pets with them, but this does not include the cabins. Pets cannot be kept in tents or pop-up campers.

    There are five kennels at Walt Disney World, and each of them will board your pets overnight. The kennels are located at Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, the Transportation and Ticket Center, and Fort Wilderness. The cost is $11.00 per night and includes food, as long as your pet is not exotic. (Price subject to change.) Remember to bring your pet's vaccination papers with you, and if you have an unusual pet, you must provide your own escape-proof cage or carrier. Guests are required to visit and exercise pets at least once a day, but three times per day is recommended. For more information on pet boarding, call 407-824-6568.

    There you go!! Good luck with your decision!!

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