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May 12, 2001
I'm considering an in-room gift for my parents on our next trip. Does WDW Florist have a web site with offerings and types of gifts they can do? I don't think I want flowers and I don't like buying these kinds of gifts without knowing what they look like. Prices would be helpful, but I'll start with pictures or info...:) Thanks...:)
We used WDW florist on our trip in August. I know they had a website and I have searched trying to find it for you and have had no luck. Sorry! I did find a phone number on a website- (407) 827-3505. They have different baskets that you can order. We ordered a huge Mickey bag that came with a Disney beanie (Piglet), a Snickers, little boxes of Character cookies, little bags of Oreo's, a little box of Nutter Butters, and several bags of chips. We also had them add another Disney beanie. We spent $75 on it. We were hoping it would be in the room when we got there to surprise our 4-year-old and we had to call to ask where it was. We came home with a bunch of snacks that we still have- 6 months later. We did love the big Mickey burlap-ish bag. Next time I think I will just call the gift shop at the resort and ask them to have a Beanie sent to our room. Sorry I can't remember the website, but if you call that number they will know it- or maybe someone else on here will know the website address.
Thanks, Erin....:)

I also tried locating it with search engines, but no luck for me either.
I don't think they have a website. I heard they were working on one though. I called and asked them to send me a brochure, which they did. It was a photocopy, but I was still able to tell what the gift baskets looked like. I sent my parents a Mickey Mouse shaped basket filled with fruit, cheese, crackers and cookies. And because I was with them on vacation I got to see the basket. Let me tell you, they do an AMAZING job. Everything is presented beautifully! I don't think you will be disappointed. I also sent flowers to my parents and they were very pretty too. On my honeymoon, my husband sent me a huge bouquet of exotic flowers with a keepsake Disney vase. Gorgeous!

I have the roses my DH gave me for Valentines Day sitting next to me right now in the beautiiful blue Sorcerer Mickey vase that my arangement from the WDW florist came in last summer.

I've had as many compliments on the vase as I have on the flowers!

Well....I just answered my own question, so to speak. I called the number. The earlier mentioned brochure isn't being sent anymore, because it is outdated. There is a website, but it's for internal use within the company. It even has photos, but I couldn't wrestle the URL out of the CM I spoke with. I tired....:) Anyway, she suggested that I ask at check-in and I could probably get more detailed info from the lobby desk at my hotel.


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