WDW do-over

Sep 17, 2013
We just completed a family trip at the end of February and had a great time! We stayed at the Polynesian and got upgraded to the club level! It was me, DH, DS5 and DD3 ... I spent A good month planning every second of the trip and while we were there, we wound up bailing on a lot of the plans (rides, ADRs, etc) because the kids are young and we had to be flexible in regards to what they wanted to do.... We would bail from the park and head back to the hotel for a nap or to chill....and we had to coax them out in the evenings for dinner at the resort And we wound up watching fireworks from our balcony . We cancelled out on a lot of things because it was more about having happy kids as opposed to miserable, overtired kids in the park.....don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it......but my husband asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i said that i wanted a do-over of WDW.......so now, I have my first solo trip coming up in May...i'm staying at POFQ and am mainly planning on DHS for the drawing class.... But ever since i was 5, i've loved drawing cartoons....and i did it once on our last trip and was so ecstatic that i learned how to draw Tinkerbell....on my do-over, I want to do this class over and over until i get sick of it!!!! Well not reallly.....i have 5 days, and a park hopper.... I want to do at least 2 or 3 classes per day and then move on..... On my to-do list, i have:

"Dine with an Imagineer" (that's my splurge), Via Napoli, Tutto, Earl of Sandwich. I ate at BOG already and was less than impressed.

Rides: ToT, Aerosmith RC, POTC, BTMR, 7DMT....i did Everest last trip and honestly thought i was going to throw up, so that isn't a priority.

Character M&G - Gaston and Peter Pan

other : Wander DTD, Walk around WS, and go to the outlet mall.

I'm not really interested in the tours.... But m i missing anything that NEEDS to be done on my bday solo trip?? Not sure if i want to commit to too many ADRs because i don't want to be tied down to a specific place at a specific time...i am a foodie, but this trip, i want to focus on the activities as opposed to the food.....
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If you are there during F&G at Epcot and like flowers, you should plan on spending some time walking around there. There are also food booths, similar to F&W, which I always use as my lunch since I really don't eat a lot in the afternoon anyway.
If I were granted a WDW do-over birthday trip, I would definitely want to hit a spa while I was there. :cutie:
:bday: Happy Birthday indeed!!! :bday:

After going with my in-laws in 2011 and that trip being stressful and horrible, I wanted a do-over. I was able to get my husband (who does not like Disney) to go again and we had a blast. I understand that desire!!

I would strongly suggest Dine with an Imagineer. I am going to do that on my December solo if I can get it booked.
If you are into being pampered, I second a spa visit.

When are you going in May? If you are there early enough, may I suggested spending some time in EPCOT at the Flower & Garden Festival?

If you have down time but and want good food without making an ADR, I would strongly recommend grabbing a bite in the bar at California Grill. You could also watch the fireworks with an adult beverage. We usually try to work it in our trip and enjoy eating in the bar area since there is only two of us and not having an ADR gives us some flexibility.


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